Impact of using videos in marketing for businesses

Video content has always been a favorite for both marketers and consumers. Consumers tend to engage more with videos and connect with a brand that used videos in their marketing strategy. We saw many people blabbing about how superior video content is. It proved to be engaging in our Facebook ads too. So, we decided … Read more

Owning an Apartment Complex: Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of owning an apartment complex?  Owning an apartment complex pros and cons essentially boils down to risks versus rewards. However, there are many aspects to owning an apartment complex which we will now explore in this infographic. Pros of owning an apartment complex Multiple income streamsYou will receive more … Read more

How Online Stores Achieve Profitable Growth Through Customer Service

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Not All Doom & Gloom: Coronavirus Business Success Stories

The COVD-19 virus has had a devastating impact on the world’s health and economy. There is no denying this life-altering moment in history has very little good to offer, but there are a few glimmers of light in the darkness. While many businesses struggle under the weight of this pandemic, a select few have managed … Read more

Discover How IoT Transforms Businesses

Technology is benediction. So much that it has become an emotion. The potential of technology gets multiplied by IoT (Internet of Things). It is an interconnection of technology responsible for the next industrial revolution. Through IoT, industries have regained their lost strengths. In fact, it is a fascinating process, where different devices communicate with each … Read more

Types of Data Visualization: How to Choose Your Charts

The team at iDashboards created this handy infographic to guide you through all of the different types of data visualization. Like the chart categories you want to use in your dashboard or data visualization. Data visualization is about communicating the meaning behind the metrics. The charts you choose should facilitate the story you’re trying to … Read more

6 Steps Guide To Create Engaging Content

Content Marketing Content is key to a successful marketing strategy. I find myself struggling every day in producing engaging content that people actually want to read. Clients I work for often ask me what engaging content actually is. Write about things that you are passionate about. Chances are that you create original content that people … Read more

A Complete Guide to Creating Successful Company Logos

When asked what it takes to start a business, you could probably rattle off a list: a great product, financing, four years of sleep deprivation. Those are definitely good answers, but you forgot one tiny detail. Branding. Here’s why branding matters: You wouldn’t tell a random story to someone you just met. You’d start with … Read more

Complete Guide to Targeting with Facebook Ads

This guide will make every advertisers life easier. In fact, it contains 850 Facebook ad targeting options and is extremely easy to read. Many advertisers don’t understand Facebook’s advertising options. They don’t properly target their ads. Most advertisers only use one or a few of Facebook’s targeting options. Consequently, the most common and thus most … Read more