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Patient Care Technician Program

The Patient Care Technician program at Training Direct is geared towards preparing students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to assist doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers with direct patient care. The Patient Care Technician training program will provide students with the opportunity to take part in the Nurse Aide training program, the Phlebotomy training program, and the Electrocardiogram …

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Ashland University

Ashland University Educational Leadership Degree Online

Ashland University’s interdisciplinary Doctorate in Leadership Studies combines theory and practice with individual mentoring and applied research to train a new generation of reflective, ethical and effective leaders in P-12 schools, higher education, government, industry and human service organizations. High-quality academic content paired with individualized mentoring — both on- and off-campus, through workplace partners — stand as the hallmarks of …

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Ultimate Guide to Score 330+ on the GRE® Test

Your Ultimate Guide to Score 330+ on the GRE® Test

Are you preparing to sit for the GRE® test? This test has three sections, Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The scores for the first two sections range from 130-170 and have one point increments. The latter section has half-point increments, and the scores range from 0-6. Taking practice tests is only useful if you use it to analyze your …

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Hospitalist Physicians

Everything You Need to Know About Hospitalist Physicians

Hospital medicine is a rapidly growing medical specialty in the US. Hospitalist physicians are focusing on the quality care of patients admitted to the hospital as well as coordinating specialist care and discharge planning. The presented infographic reveals the most important things you need to know about this new growing medical specialty. via thelocumguy.com

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Literature Reviews: Useful Tips for Irish Students

For every research paper, you will need to include a literature review. It is the foundation of your research. This section comes before the methodology and research areas of the paper. Sometimes, you may need to include it with the Introduction. It all depends on the instructions given by your supervisor. The process of writing a literature review involves going …

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Skills of the Future

Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020

Today’s workplace is changing at such a rapid pace that those who can’t keep up face the risk of becoming irrelevant in the labor market. As an employee, you want to become indispensable rather than disposable or replaceable. The first type of employee is what you might call a model employee. When this employee is around, things in the office …

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Job Interview Checklist

Job Interview Checklist

This is an infographic created by Hyper Recruitment Solutions for people who are looking for a job but perhaps haven’t had an interview before, or in a long time, so need some easy pointers to help them correctly prepare for one. The infographic shows the stages of preparation in chronological order as you follow the boxes across and down the …

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Guide to Shooting Video by Yourself

A Simple Guide to Shooting Video by Yourself

A Simple Guide to Shooting Video by Yourself – Having trouble making videos by yourself? You have the idea, but you just need to know how to do it yourself in the best way possible. Well, have a look at our latest infographic: A Simple Guide to Shooting Video by Yourself, and instantly start creating professional-quality videos unassisted and without …

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Medical Assistant NYC – Associate Degree Training at Mildred Elley

The Medical Assistant NYC – Associate’s Degree offers advanced training in clinical, technical and administrative areas. Our classes are taught by our qualified instructors in both a traditional classroom setting and through hands-on learning in our clinical labs. As a student at Mildred Elley, you will also have the opportunity to work alongside doctors, nurses and patients in our internship …

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Nursing Capstone Project

Innovative Nursing Capstone Project Ideas and Its Benefits!

What good is a nursing capstone project? You may ask. In life, we come across things or issue that are new or interesting, that may be helpful to us. Here’s where the test on the usefulness of such things, comes in handy. That’s how nursing research works. It allows you to weigh new evidence against the already established evidence-based practices. …

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Jobs for People with Disabilities

150+ Jobs for People with Disabilities

Good jobs for people with disabilities are possible to find. No matter what type of disability you might have, you can discover the satisfaction that often comes from realizing—and using—your strongest abilities and skills. Besides, more and more organizations are now actively creating jobs for disabled people. In fact, great opportunities can be found within nearly every industry. The government, …

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Turnitin Similarity

Turnitin Similarity: How Much Is Too Much

Do you know how to paraphrase text? Paraphrasing is an important skill to master for any writer. When you do it successfully, it allows you to borrow the ideas of others without being termed a plagiarist. In that, you use the ideas of another to cement your arguments or opinion on a subject matter. You can achieve this by replacing …

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Teachable's Online Course Platform

The Benefits of Teachable’s Online Course Platform

Teachable is the ideal solution for anyone looking to create online courses; from complete beginners with no technical knowledge to seasoned pros, it will be everything you’re looking for in an online course development platform. If you’re looking for ways to start, grow or monetize a business, Teachable makes it easy to bring out your inner entrepreneur and create and …

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Avoid Plagiarism with Paraphrasing - 8 Types of Plagiarism

Avoid Plagiarism with Paraphrasing – 8 Types of Plagiarism

Did you know that plagiarism isn’t just frowned upon in the academic and journalism field? Despite, the emergence of numerous plagiarism checking software/ tools, statistics show that there’s an increase in instances of plagiarism. One of the probable reasons for this could be the plagiarism myths that many of us have believed, and we would like to help you debunk …

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Medical Assistants the Most Salary

U.S. Cities That Pay Medical Assistants the Most Salary

Wages for Medical Assistants fluctuate greatly around the United States. Regionally they fluctuate based on the local marketplace. That said, salaries can also vary considerably by the healthcare industry sector or segment. For instance, specialized medical assistants often make more versus medical assistants who choose not to specialize. The Medical Assistant Guide maintains an up to date database of annual …

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Write An Excellent Exam Story

How To Write An Excellent Exam Story

Creative writing exams can be overwhelming. How do you work creatively under pressure? What does it mean to be descriptive? How do you find a plot structure which works well in a limited space? Fortunately, a few simple techniques can make all the difference and help your work to stand out. If you bear in mind the 12 tips presented …

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Medical Assistant Programs

Medical Assistant Programs

Medical Assistant Programs at Mildred Elley – If you’ve been wanting to break into the healthcare industry exploring a career as a Medical Assistant could be for you. Not only is the healthcare industry considered one of the fastest growing fields in the country, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 29% growth for employment of medical assistants from 2016 …

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10 Types of Classmates

10 Types of Classmates You’ll See at Your Next Reunion

As part of our ClassFinders.com survey of 10,000+ members who had milestone class reunions last year, we asked alumni why they wanted to go (or didn’t want to go) to their class reunion events. The responses were enlightening (seeing the change in people was the main reason people wanted to go) and helped us create this handy guide to the …

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IIT Delhi MBA Placements

IIT Delhi MBA Placements and Admissions Criteria in 2019

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) offers several MBA programs for candidates looking to receive the prestigious degree of Masters of Business Administration. We did a research to reveal all the requirements, admission stages and career prospects for future business school graduates. Check detailed info on admission requirements, fees, faculty ranking and more. And don’t hesitate to request professional help …

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Student Loans

The Truth About Getting Student Loans Forgiven

College tuition climbs higher and higher every year even as the need for a college degree continues to increase. The only option for many career paths is to take that leap and incur decades of debt. There are plenty of scholarships in the world, but not enough for every student to cover all their needs and the remainder certainly can’t …

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Chances of Becoming a CEO

Does Your Education Impact Your Chances of Becoming a CEO?

One of the biggest questions that come up when discussing CEOs like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates is whether education is even necessary for being successful. While their stories are inspirational, the more common, alternate route to becoming a CEO is going to college. Some will argue that a college education is entirely unimportant to being successful. Of course, formal …

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