The Recycling Process: What Happens After You Sort Your Trash?

What actually happens when you recycle? The process is actually much more involved that you may initially think, as shown in this new visual guide from the team at OBerk. When it comes to recycling, there are two common recycling processes. The first is single-stream recycling, and the second is dual-stream recycling. In the United … Read more

Top Energy Star Cities in the United States

There are many different things you can do as an individual to save energy in your own home, helping the environment and also your wallet in the long run. Buying Energy Star rated appliances, shutting off lights when you leave a room, keeping doors shut when the air conditioner is on, basically everything your parents … Read more

The Amazing Increase in Solar Power Efficiency Over Time

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How to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Financial Services

Fintech and electronic banking services are godsends of the modern era. Never has it been easier for money to change hands. Nearly 369 billion purchases are made every day, many of which happen on electronic platforms. But behind every transaction lies a hidden fee: carbon emissions. Climate change is a price the whole world pays … Read more

Carbon Dioxide Emissions per Capita in Each State

Knowing which states have the highest levels of harmful carbon emissions is one of the first steps in taking steps to help reverse it. Although greenhouse gas emissions cannot be stopped overnight, we can do a lot as a nation to make the switch to cleaner energy. If all harmful emissions were to stop, the … Read more

10 Largest Power Stations in the World by Megawatts

Do you think about where your energy comes from every time you turn on a light in your house or start the microwave? Most of us have the privilege to live in a home with electricity which makes life endlessly easier than living without power. But where does this power come from? If your home … Read more