What Companies Are the 50 Biggest Greenhouse Gas Emitters in the United States?

What is global warming? It is the gradual increase of temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Over the past two centuries, scientists have begun to notice a disturbing pattern of warming oceans and an excess amount of greenhouse gas. Even though there are some who dispute global warming exists there is data that shows the temperature … Read more

Why Asphalt Recycling is So Important

Asphalt recycling matters more than ever, and as of December 2021, it is the most recycled material on Earth. Also known as bitumen, asphalt is a refined, solid-state petroleum made from distilling crude oil. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur are used to create this prized material, which is valued for its binding capabilities, structural … Read more

Why Water is Life (Infographic)

Water is life! Water is the most important resource on the planet. Humans use it for so many activities in daily life, from cooking to cleaning to drinking. While over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, usable water is actually quite rare. Less than 0.5% of the Earth’s water is fresh and available for … Read more

The Embarrassing Lack of Clean Water Access in The World

Water is considered to be one of the most important necessities for humans. However, not everyone has access to clean water. This makes it challenging for people to maintain a healthy life. This infographic will discuss the impact of climate change and overpopulation on water access around the world. Access to clean water is a … Read more

Manufacturing Should be a Hot Topic for Climate Change

Amid the concerns over climate change and the ongoing challenges in dealing with the pandemic, the topic of manufacturing processes isn’t one that comes up often, but perhaps it should be. Manufacturing actually has a huge impact on the environment, and the toll the pandemic took on factories is something for which manufacturers need immediate, … Read more

Hidden Household Hazards

Depending on the age of your home, the region it was built, and the level of moisture and/or humidity in your home can determine how much, or how little your family could be affected by hidden household hazards. These hazards include: asbestos, radon, lead, and mold – specifically black mold. Asbestos If you’re home was … Read more

History of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources can be separated in five clear categories that are identified as being the oldest and most prominent in history – solar energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, wind energy and bioenergy. They have each evolved over time. From the most basic use to modern developments that incorporate sophisticated technology and other advancements. To document … Read more

Vanadium Flow Batteries – The Answer to Modern Energy Storage

Sustainable energy has been one of the most debated topics among politicians, lawmakers, family, and friends for many years.  This topic is one of those hot buttons that can possibly cause us to change political affiliations or to have arguments with anyone who doesn’t share our particular opinion.  No matter which angle you’re coming from, … Read more

Carbon footprint ideas–Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Infographic)

Our global carbon footprint affects the planet and the lifestyle of future generations. So, it’s a great time to talk about what and how to reduce carbon footprint. This guide focused on reasons to go green, How to go green – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and also maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Is It Easy to … Read more

Sustainable Face Masks: Eco-Friendly Safety From Cork Masks

It’s sad that on top of a pandemic we are also experiencing a massive uptick in pollution and landfill-clogging waste. What if there were a better way? Eco Friendly Cork masks can offer a sustainable solution. We all have to wear face masks everywhere we go these days. If we don’t the pandemic is just … Read more