Kids Easter Egg Hunts Clues for 2023

Easter is a time of year when families come together to celebrate the arrival of spring, enjoy time with loved ones, and participate in fun holiday traditions. One of the most popular activities during this time is the Easter egg hunt, where children eagerly search for hidden eggs, candies, and other surprises to fill their … Read more

Successful Corporate Event Do’s and Don’ts

Have you got to plan your own corporate event? If you need inspiration, use the following infographic to create a pitch-perfect event, every time. Here are the do’s and Don’ts of corporate event planning. Corporate Event Planning Explained As you can see from the infographic, there are things that can help and things that can … Read more

Summer Bookworm Bucket List

While you may have a huge pile of books you’re planning to read this summer, think about adding some book-related activities to your bucket list too. No worries! BookScouter has done everything for you. Fellow book lovers, check out this Summer Bookworm Bucket List we’ve prepared for you. If you’re looking for ways to relax … Read more

Visual Guide to Halloween Contact Lenses

There is nothing quite like Halloween. All the parties, trick-or-treating, office celebrations, and costumes make Halloween a truly festive (and spooky) time of the year. For millions of people across the US, Halloween is a can’t miss event. Some even prepare their costumes months ahead of time, spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars just … Read more

Different Ways That Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

We all want to spoil our Mother’s Day. While we should be thankful to our dearest moms every day, Mother’s Day offers the opportunity to display this gratitude. It is unsurprising that, across many different countries and cultures, Mother’s Day (or a form of Mother’s Day) is celebrated. The love for our mothers is truly … Read more

What If Children Ran Christmas?

What If Children Ran Christmas? Part of Christmas is seeing the day through a child’s eyes… Santa asked 500 children aged six to ten what they would do if they were in charge of Christmas, and what they love about it. Whether they wanted to visit me in my home in Lapland, “give presents to … Read more

11 Deadliest Viruses On Earth

It looks like a new deadly virus that’s trying to kill us originate somewhere in the world. Officials continue to announce the rapid spread of new COVID-19 infections and deaths around the world. The World Health Organization(WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other health organizations monitor the new coronavirus. There are many … Read more

Lunar New Year 2020 – Year of The Rat

The Chinese New Year 2020 or the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) is celebrated on Saturday, January 25th, according to the traditional Chinese Calendar. Chinese New Year is a major holiday in Greater China and has strongly influenced lunar new year celebrations of China’s neighboring cultures, including the Korean New Year (seol), the Tết of … Read more