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Ultimate Guide to Halloween at the Florida Parks

Halloween at the Florida Parks

Halloween is one of the most popular times of year to visit the Florida Parks. It’s well known that Halloween is a big deal in America, and the theme parks of Orlando are no exception. If you’re planning to visit the Florida parks for Halloween, check out this ultimate guide to having a scary time at the parks this Halloween! …

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Top 13 scariest slots that you can’t miss this Halloween

Everyone’s favorite Haunted Night is fast approaching and we are all eagerly awaiting to see how much candy we can score. But you don’t have to wait for Halloween in order to enjoy a creepy themed game that can also make you feel like a winner instantly. Halloween themed free slots are a fun way of practicing your gambling strategy …

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Best Halloween Candy for Your Money

Halloween Candy

We broke down the most and least requested candy into individual pieces or packages to determine which one was the most costly. Not surprisingly, the chocolate candy seems to be the most expensive, but also some of the most requested. You can get some crowd favorites in variety packs and save yourself money in addition to getting the best variety …

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Your Guide to Halloween Marketing

Halloween Marketing

Whatever your personal stance is on Halloween festivities, it can’t be ignored! An average of $8.4 billion is going to be spent this year alone on the holiday which equals a $1.5 billion increase from last year! To break that down a bit further, the four main categories that make that up spend are as follows : Costumes ($3.1 B), …

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Halloween 2016 by the numbers

Halloween is just around the corner so we like to treat you with this great infographic put together by the folks at Wallethub. Take a look at this infographic full of interesting and fun costume trends for Halloween 2016.

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9 Email Marketing Tips from Your Favorite Monsters

Your Favorite Monsters

It’s not easy to explain why we enjoy scary books and horror movies so much. Some say it’s because they are the products of curiosity and fascination. Others claim that they are a reflection of our societal fears. Either way, the genre has brought into the popular culture a great deal of truly amazing characters. We decided to reflect on …

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How To Store Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween continues to be a big national holiday as consumers spend more money on costumes than other Halloween expense. Costumes can be expensive, especially if you’re only wearing it once. To get more value out of your Halloween costume, storing it for future use is a great option. To properly store your Halloween costume, follow these simple tips from ezStorage’s …

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12 Ways to Bulldoze your House of Branding Horrors

It’s easy for branding blunders and marketing misdemeanors to creep up on brand and marketing managers but never fear, the Pixel8 Brandbusters are here! Nige, Jamie, Nic, and Sian have donned their brand busting gear and are ready to hit the streets for some serious bad brand busting. With over 15 years of brand and marketing expertise, they’re pumped up …

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Halloween Special – The Horrors of Data Roaming

The Horrors of Data Roaming: Tep have uncovered some of the most harrowing stories from victims of the billion dollar data roaming industry. From $4k music downloads to an employee losing his job and a heart stopping $24k bill, we’ve got a whole host of horror stories that will keep you up at night. via tepwireless.com

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Have a Safe and Scary Halloween

When Halloween comes around, let’s celebrate it with lots of humor, and good sense of responsibility. Let’s be a kid again and eat lots of candy, we can diet later on. In other words lets be silly and scary, enjoy this day and be safe. via usselfstorage.com

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How Will You Die In A Horror Movie

We have collected the most iconic death scenes from the most iconic horror movies and pieced them together for this infographic-style quiz. From the cliché, to the original, this infographic features some of the most memorable scenes in the film genre. Follow along the paths to figure out how you would meet your fate if you were residing in a …

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Infographic: Halloween eCommerce

With Halloween quickly approaching and consumers putting the final touches on their Halloween needs, we have created an eCommerce Halloween infographic we feel would be of interest to your readers. This infographic profiles how Halloween is becoming increasingly prominent online and how now, more than ever, shoppers are turning to eCommerce sites for their costume, decoration and candy needs. via …

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Infographic: The Cost of Halloween

65.8% of Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, to the tune of $6.9 billion. Of those spending on Halloween, the average person will spend $106.78. How much doe you spend on Halloween this year? Brought to you by creditcards.com

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Infographic: Fun Facts About Halloween Ornaments, Costumes & More

Did you know that the average person will spend $75.00 this year on Halloween décor, costumes and candy? Or how about the fact that 87 million households will give out candy this October 31st? Just how much money would that much candy cost? Americans will spend an estimated whopping $2.3 billion dollars on candy and $2.8 billion dollars on costumes …

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Infographic: Halloween Statistics 2012 – Creepy Calculations

We break down the numbers for Halloween 2012 to reveal how America is celebrating Halloween. Learn about the top costumes, what parents are doing on Halloween night, how much people are spending and what are the best Halloween movies, songs and more! Brought to you by halloweencostumes.com. Brought to you by halloweencostumes.com

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Infographic: Howlin’ Halloween Costumes!

Do you like food? Blood and gore? Going to the movies? More than that, your Halloween wardrobe is a ‘killer’ way to start a conversation, or let people know you’ve got a sense of humor or an active imagination. Brought to you by discountqueens.com. Brought to you by discountqueens.com

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Infographic: The True Cost of Trick or Treating

Have you ever wondered how much it really costs to trick-or-treat? Halloween accounts for eleven percent of the nation’s annual candy sales. This year, Americans will spend $6.86 billion on Halloween candy, costumes, cards and decorations. Brought to you by cashnetusa.com. Brought to you by cashnetusa.com

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Infographic: Americans Aren’t Spooked to Spend on Halloween

According to the latest National Retail Federation survey, a record 170 million people plan to enjoy the thrill of Halloween this year—the most in the survey’s 10-year history. What tricks and treats are shoppers plotting? We outline the survey results below. Brought to you by Milo.com. Brought to you by Milo.com

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