Why is a Financial Advisor Important

Many people think of a financial advisor as someone that invests money for clients. While investment management is part of their duties and responsibilities, they can provide much more value. Think of a financial advisor as your personal CFO. As a client of a firm, the firm and its financial professionals work for you. They … Read more

Novated Lease in NZ: What are the Pros & Cons for Employees

This easy-to-read infographic explains the pros and cons of novated leases for employees in New Zealand, providing a quick guide to this car financing option. It highlights why a novated lease can be beneficial, such as possible tax advantages that can help reduce your taxable income and the convenience of combining all vehicle-related expenses into … Read more

The High Hidden Costs of Indoor Air Pollution

“The High Hidden Costs of Indoor Air Pollution” by YourIAQ explores the hidden costs associated with indoor air pollution, emphasizing its impact on productivity, healthcare expenses, and structural damage. Luckily, indoor air quality is easily improved, and with the right steps and awareness, many of these costs can be mitigated. Total spending on respiratory conditions … Read more

How Much Smaller a Five Hundred Thousand Dollar House Has Become in the Past Five Years

The housing market is out of control. Mortgage interest rates have been continuously increasing for several years and listing prices are through the roof. What’s even worse is that inventory is in turmoil; there are barely any houses available nationwide and the houses that do become available are going for even above asking price. Some … Read more