The 25 Cities Where Childcare is the Most Expensive in America

Childcare in the United States is widely known for its exorbitant costs. A January 2023 report from the U.S. Department of Labor revealed that new childcare data indicated prices simply weren’t manageable for families. The average monthly expense for childcare in America hovers around $1,300, constituting a staggering one-fourth of the income for numerous Americans. … Read more

Top 10 oldest banks in the world

Both modern and traditional banks were established to fulfill the financial needs of individuals and businesses. These financial institutions operate as profit-oriented entities and greatly profit from the services they provide. Along with various fees and ongoing charges, banks also impose interest on loans. The interest rate can vary depending on factors such as the … Read more

The People Who Own the Most Land Worldwide

All over the world, there are rural properties, farms and forests, but who actually owns the most land around the world? The team at Madison Trust looked into this question and presented their findings in this new infographic that analyzes the world’s largest landowners. According to their findings, it was discovered the the world’s largest … Read more

The Richest Person by Country, Ranked

Not only is Bernard Arnault the wealthiest person in all of France, but he’s the richest person in the world. The team at Madison Trust recently analyzed and utilized data from the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List to determine this ranking of the countries around the world ranked by the net worth of their richest person.According … Read more

The Most Taxed State in America: A Study

The United States tax system is an outdated, complex and ever-changing nightmare that can be difficult to understand and navigate. The good thing is, that the taxes collected are used to fund needed public services in education, healthcare, defense, and more (think of the roads you drive on everyday.) One state well-known for its high … Read more