How Inflation and Rising Prices Affect Key Industries

Inflation is an increasing issue as 2022 rages on, with gas and insurance being two of the industries that have taken the hardest hit and seen the most change as a result of rising prices. Higher gas prices are increasing insurance premiums, as most car insurance premiums in the United states have increased from 5% … Read more

Cryptocurrency Insurance: Can You Insure Crypto?

With the value of cryptocurrency rising sharply over the last few years, its potential and potency cannot be ignored any longer. A trending topic on Twitter and Reddit, with libraries of knowledge regarding it on Facebook, people’s social currency is augmented by discussing the rise of cryptocurrency. At the commencement of 2022, over 8,000 cryptocurrencies … Read more

The Truth About Real Estate in Today’s Economy

How real estate affects the US economy Inflation is at its highest point since 1982, which has had large effects on many sectors, specifically real estate. Traditionally, real estate is a hedge against inflation for investors, as rental income increases with property values, property values rise with inflation, and mortgage rates remain fixed. However, for … Read more

How NFTs are Building a New Economy for Artists

Throughout the years, various aspects of our lives have become digitized in the 21st century; art and collectibles are no exceptions. In the past, it was difficult to monetize an individual’s creative digital content. But today, as the online content market is booming, creative digital content creators can now sell their work as digital assets … Read more

Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet

We’ve created this excellent candlestick pattern cheat sheet that will save you time and money. It’s perfect because you can download the candlestick cheat sheet pdf or print it and then use it to help recognize the different patterns during real-time trading. Yet, before you download the candlestick pattern cheat sheet, keep reading to learn … Read more

Africa: The Next Economic Superpower

Africa is commonly referred to as a “third world country.”  This common misconception leads to ignorance that could cost developing businesses billions of dollars.  Africa is home to all five of the fastest growing economies in the world.  Ghana, South Sudan, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and the Côte d’Ivoire make up 3.2% of the worldwide average economy. … Read more