The Ultimate Guide to How Long You Can Keep Food in Your Fridge

How long can you keep food in fridge guide

FDA food guidelines are in place for a reason. Deadly bacteria and foodborne pathogens will make food unsafe if it is not kept properly stored. Food poisoning affects 48 million people in the US each year, about 1 in 6 people, according to the CDC. Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized from getting ill from food … Read more

35 Alternatives to Maple Syrup for Pancakes

Alternatives to maple syrup

Pancakes have a long history. Even more than 5,300 years ago early humans were found with ancient ground wheat and bits of charcoal in their stomachs leading researchers to believe these grains were made into a batter and cooked over heat. Greeks and Romans topped their pancakes with honey while other early civilizations used spices, … Read more

Comparing the Social Media Followers of Different Fast Food Restaurants

Social media data visualization fast food restaurants

Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, McDonald’s has a total social media following of more than 92 million users. Based on social media follower counts as of March 2022, the team at HowToCook.Recipes ranked 50 different chains to determine which fast food chains have the most social media followers. The 50 fast food restaurant … Read more

The Most Expensive Ingredients in the World, Ranked by Price per Kilogram

most expensive ingredients in the world infographic

Only three ingredients in the world are priced at $20,000 or more per kilogram, with those being Almas Caviar ($25,000 per kilogram), Edible Gold ($23,000 per kilogram) and Yarsta Gunbu Fungus ($20,000 per kilogram). The most expensive ingredients in the world are all listed here on this new infographic from the team at, with … Read more

40 Famous Rice Dishes That Are Served Around the World

infographic showing the 40 most popular rice dishes

Scientists believe that rice could be over 130,000,000 years old. Originally it was spread as a wild grass through the supercontinent Gondwanaland, which would become Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Migration of the Chinese and Vietnamese around 3400 BC brought in rice to the Philippines. There are many different types of rice. Asian rice or … Read more

America’s Pandemic Breakfast Habits

How the pandemic changed our breakfast habits

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected multiple aspects of our lives, and breakfast is no exception. Before COVID, 56% of Americans and 87% of parents were typically too busy to make breakfast every day during the week. However, the pandemic and ability to work from home caused many to change their breakfast habits and companies like Bob … Read more

The Surprising Health Benefits of Sushi

Happy couple eating sushi in restaurant

People around the world enjoy sushi. It’s a Japanese dish that first appeared some 700 years ago, but the type of sushi we eat today has been around for about 200 years. Though the variations are seemingly endless, sushi is considered to have several surprising health benefits. So, today we’ll discuss the health benefits of … Read more

Coffee Brewing Methods: 5 Coffee Brewing Guides Inspired by Lego

Coffee Brewing Methods

Getting into specialty coffee can seem intimidating at first. There aren’t just a thousand types of roast, there are all the different ways they can be ground. Not to mention the arguments about pre-ground vs grinding your own beans at home. It’s no wonder so many of us would just pop to a coffee shop … Read more

What To Eat During Pregnancy

It may sound cliché, but when you’re pregnant, you really are eating for two. While this doesn’t mean you need double the calories your entire pregnancy, it does mean you should be mindful of what you do eat. The truth is, what you eat has a big impact on the tiny baby that’s growing inside … Read more

The Truth About Plant-Based Diets

The Truth About Plant-Based Diets

We may be past resolution season, but people are still working to have healthier lifestyles including diets that make them feel better. Plant based diets are one of many ways to get your health under control. Eating more plants and limiting or eliminating animal products can lead to a decreased risk of cancer, heart disease, … Read more

Hario v60 Coffee: How to make great coffee using a Hario V60

Hario v60 Coffee Infographic

The Hario v60 is a fantastic way to brew a filter coffee. When brewed correctly with precision it provides a delicious delicate cup that will work for all coffees but is much better suited to a lighter roast. If you’re looking to highlight the best elements of a complex coffee, this is the ideal method. … Read more

How to make San Sebastian Cheesecake (Infographic)

How to make San Sebastian Cheesecake

This year’s Spanish cheesecake is a real boom. More and more cafes offer a delicious dessert San Sebastian Cheesecake. And indeed, this dessert has Spanish roots. Its history began with La Viña restaurant in San Sebastian, and now it is almost the most “imitated” cake in the world. If you’re looking for a new holiday … Read more

Love KFC, Burger King, McDonalds? Fast Food Secrets Revealed

big mac sauce secret

The folks at published this infographic revealing the secret ingredients to your favourite fast food meals. 13 top secret iconic fast food recipes to try at home. The fast food industry is undoubtedly the biggest in the world. If you’re in the market for a quick bite, you’ve got options. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Burger King, KFC, … Read more