The Countries With the Most Physicians and Nurses in the World

Around the world, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are vital to public health. They’re an essential element of preventative care and in emergency situations are also able to save lives. Not only that, but specialized medical personnel are also at times able to treat more specific issues including but not limited to mental illnesses, … Read more

What Causes the Most Deaths Around the World? The Top 5 Causes in Every Country

Death is an inevitable aspect of life, but there are ways we can adopt to promote longer and healthier lives. Understanding prevalent health risks within our communities empowers individuals to take a proactive approach to their well-being. has published this new infographic which looks at the top 5 causes of death in each country. … Read more

5 Essential Tips for Perfect Contact Lens Selection

Consider your lifestyle and prescription when selecting contact lenses. There are several options to choose from, such as daily disposables and weekly/monthly wear lenses. The comfort of your lenses depends on factors like the material, size, and design. For personalized advice, it’s advisable to consult an optometrist. 1. The most important aspect of choosing contact … Read more

Where in the U.S. People Are Most Likely to Need Teeth Whitening

Over time, the consumption of various beverages, foods, and certain habits can lead to teeth becoming stained. Drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine are the primary culprits for tooth discoloration, while smoking cigarettes can also cause teeth to turn brown. To assess the likelihood of individuals having discolored teeth, Imagix Dental’s research team devised … Read more

4 Tips for Contact Lens Use & Eye Care

Contact lenses are a popular vision correction option that provides millions of people around the world with freedom from wearing eyeglasses and enhances their quality of life. Contact lenses offer advantages such as improved peripheral vision, ease of physical activity, and cosmetic appeal. However, to fully benefit from contact lenses, it’s crucial to understand and … Read more

Decade by Decade: The Most Iconic Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding dress styles have evolved significantly over the decades, reflecting changing fashion trends and cultural influences. This infographic from the team at Lulu’s takes a fascinating look at the most popular wedding dress styles by decade. In the 1920s, the popular wedding dress style was the flapper dress, which featured a dropped waistline and a … Read more

The Countries with the Most Anxiety-Stricken Populations

It is estimated that more than 280 million people around the world are living with anxiety disorders. These disorders are generally described as prolonged periods or episodes of intense worry. For people with conditions like generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, and social anxiety disorder, living with anxiety can greatly impact their home and professional lives. … Read more

Unveiling the Most Sleep-Deprived Areas in All 50 U.S. States

Sleep is absolutely essential for overall health and happiness, but many Americans (and people worldwide) struggle to get enough. Around 50 to 70 million Americans experience sleep deprivation, with 35.2% of all U.S. adults reporting an average of less than seven hours each night. As with most health metrics, sleep difficulties vary by race, age, … Read more