Sodium Dichloroacetate Against Cancer

Soon, there were more advanced treatments for cancer like immunotherapy and targeted medicine, which were thanks to increasing insight into cancer biology. These medications had the ability to increase the immune system’s reaction to cancerous cells, and limit the cancer’s growth, multiplication, and spread. Surprisingly, the investigation process led to several unexpected realizations – severe … Read more

Keeping an Eye on Growing Supplement Industry

Learn the supplement industry inside and out as its nutritional complexity deepens! Now pioneered by field experts, the growing vitamin industry is being shaped by these minds. Supplements of all kinds take center stage with 60% of the worldwide population who take vitamins daily.  The overwhelming growth of the supplement industry is projected to continue … Read more

Pet Therapy in Addiction Treatment

People develop drug addiction because drugs stimulate the release of endorphins. A sudden lack of the stimulation negatively affects the mental health of those starting recovery, increasing a risk of relapse. Pet therapy, also called animal-assisted therapy, can encourage the release of endorphins. This makes a switch to a life free of drugs more comfortable … Read more

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Statistics

Doping is the application of chemical substances with the thoughtful intention to boost performance. AddictionResource authors explain that many of the substances used as performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) have medicinal uses. But taking them to succeed in sports can lead to different health issues as athletes may take too high doses, may do it without medical … Read more

The Safest Vehicle of Every Type

In 2021 alone, it’s estimated that approximately 42,915 people died in motor vehicle accidents, per the National Highway Safety Administration. This was a major jump from the year prior at an increase of 10.5%, making it the largest number of fatalities on the road since 2005. Not only that, but it was the largest annual … Read more

Depression Rates by State: The Most Depressed U.S. Cities

What makes a person depressed? The answer to this has never truly been found. However doctors and mental health professionals continue to work tirelessly to find new treatments and define the causes. Some can link depression to genetics. Many people with a parent or grandparent that suffered from depression may be more at risk for … Read more