Poverty In America: Why Is Poverty So High In The United States?

What is Poverty and Who is Affected? Poverty in America is one of the biggest and most controversial political, economic, and social pressures within the nation. It affects some 40 million people across the country in different ways. But what is poverty, and who is affected? In simple terms, poverty is the state where a … Read more

Gut Health and Probiotics are More Important than You Think

What part of the body plays a major role in everything from colorectal cancer, to hypertension, to type two diabetes, inflammation, immune function, and even depression? It may surprise you to know that the gut and gut health is highly significant in all of these things. While many Americans are familiar with things like digestive … Read more

Welcome to The World of Firearm Liability Insurance

At a significantly higher predisposed risk, Americans are 400% more susceptible to mortality from unintended firearm injury than civilians in other first-world countries. A staggering 23% of unforeseen gun deaths are ‘reported as accidents’ according to research. More than 4.6 million U.S. kids reside in residences with, at minimum, one unsecured firearm. 3 out of … Read more

The Fastest Spreading Viruses in World History

We live in a complex world, undoubtedly. When you think of everything that is possible, the things we can do, the places we can go across the globe- there are things we need to be aware of that can affect our bodies. This comprehensive list from the team at NY Requirements .com ranks the fastest … Read more

Domestic Violence in The World of COVID

In a typical year alone, 243 million women and girls experience intimate partner violence. However, since the pandemic’s start in 2020, calls to help centers have increased as much as five times, according to research from UN Women. The damaging effects of domestic violence reach far into our society and unfortunately, the full scope is … Read more

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Flesh Eating Bacteria

Don’t Google Necrotizing Fasciitis if you have a weak stomach, you’ve been warned! What this disease can do to the body is not pretty. Luckily, we have this scientific graphic from NYRequirements.com that talks about the microbes (flesh eating bacteria) that cause flesh-eating disease and how deadly they are. 4 different types of flesh eating … Read more

Most Problematic Diseases in Every Country Around the World

What’s the biggest health burden for each country around the world? From NY Requirements, this infographic looks at which transmissible diseases are the biggest health burdens for every country around the globe. The infographic uses data estimates from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Health Estimates (GHE) and it looks at 40 different communicable diseases. … Read more

Metabolism Explained in an Infographic

Your metabolism is a very important part of living your healthiest life and should not be overlooked. The problem is that there is so much misinformation all over the internet that it’s difficult to know exactly what’s the truth and what isn’t. That’s exactly why I crafted this simple infographic that explains the truth behind … Read more

Follow This Checklist If You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

Akridge Chiropractic is a leading chiropractic care center located in Kennewick, Washington. For over 20-years, the founder of our practice, Dr. Scott Akridge, has been providing natural pain relief to local residents. Over the past couple of years, we have increased our focus to helping individuals who are suffering from injuries related to an automobile … Read more