Opioid Addiction Treatment

Anyone who takes prescription opioids is at risk of developing a substance use disorder. Many addicts begin to use drugs due to an accident or illness, after which a doctor prescribes them an opiate painkiller. Research shows that taking opioid-based medications for 3-5 days greatly increases the risk of dependence. The length of therapy plays … Read more

10 Most Common Illnesses That are Easily Spread in Schools

Getting sick or injured is a natural part of growing up. A child’s immune system has not encountered as many germs as an adult, which leads to them getting sick more frequently. As a parent, it can be worrisome to know that your kid is not feeling well, but the good news is that most … Read more

Where Are You Most Likely to Get Lyme Disease in the United States?

Lyme disease is transmitted to humans when an infected tick bites the skin. The CDC states that the risk of Lyme transmission from a tick increases the longer it is attached. Since a tick bite does not hurt and it is very difficult to feel a tick crawling on the skin or scalp, ticks can … Read more

Wellbutrin Side Effects Infographic

It may be upsetting that the medication you are taking to ditch your depression is giving you insomnia. Though many people find Wellbutrin (bupropion) an effective remedy, they are also aware of its downsides. Generally, bupropion’s side effects are mild to moderate and easy to manage. They may last 1-2 weeks and fade once your … Read more

11 Fragrance Companies Own the Majority of Brands on the Planet

Do you know who owns your favorite beauty fragrances? If you’re not familiar in the beauty industry, you might be surprised to find out that there are really only about a handful of major companies that own the majority of fragrance brands on the planet. These large corporations own hundreds of brands. They continue to … Read more

Effects Of Alcohol: What Does Alcohol Do to Your Body?

Though an occasional glass of wine during dinner is not considered a cause for concern, the collective consumption of wine, beer, and spirits can take its toll. The effects of alcohol on the body range from mild to fatal. The given infographic shows what organs suffer from regular drinking and lists the illnesses associated with … Read more

What Your Poop (and Pee) Tells About Your Health (Infographic)

What your poop says about your health – Sure it sounds gross, but paying close attention to your stool is important. Bowel habits, or a lack thereof, are strong indicators of overall digestive health. Changes in the shape, color, or texture of your poop can show signs of digestive issues, infection, and sometimes even cancer. … Read more

Bathroom Time! How Long Do You Spend In The Bathroom?

Though most of us don’t realize it, we spend a considerable amount of our lives in the bathroom as humans. And there’s no wonder with all the tasks that are done in this room of the house, from showing and shaving to brushing your teeth, applying makeup, and even cleaning the bathroom. There’s no doubt … Read more

Vaccine Confidence: Political Sides Shouldn’t Affect Medical Decisions

We’re all exhausted from all we’ve been through since the onset of the COVID pandemic. Not only have our lives literally been threatened by a virus that has been somewhat unpredictable and certainly overwhelming, but with the onslaught of media and political rhetoric, not to mention conflicting scientific messages, this pandemic has put Americans at … Read more