Wedding Roles and Responsibilities: Who Does What?

The bride and groom are clearly defined parts of any wedding party. They ultimately coordinate most tasks, such as choosing the colors, clothes, date, invitations, guest list, rings, venue, guest attire, and more. So, who are the other people, and what wedding roles and responsibilities do they serve? Today we’ll discuss wedding party roles and … Read more

Finding Your Home Decor Style

Different home decor styles match different personalities and the needs of your home. It’s not about putting yourself in a box, but helping you narrow down your search to find that perfect piece. Sophisticated Glamour When you think of glamour, old Hollywood and luxurious fabric might come to mind. Metallic materials are a fantastic way … Read more

Why You Need to Clean Your Home Workplace

TidyChoice ’s infographic ‘’Why you need to clean your home workplace’’ presents top tips on how to keep your home workplace germ-free. To keep bacteria in check and avoid illness, clean your workplace. Sanitize your desk, keyboard, mouse and phone at least once a day. Germs need warm humid place to multiply, and wiping down … Read more