Adobe Illustrator vs Canva for Infographics

What’s the best software to create high quality infographics? Adobe Illustrator Best for Professional Designers I asked an expert – Fahad Hossain. Fahad is a full-time graphics designer, with clients including Cigna, Target, Logitech. Thomson Reuters, and Century 21 Real Estate. He’s a top rated service provider on Fiverr. When I asked Hossain what software … Read more

Interview with Emeric Turpin of Premium Infographics

How did you get started with Infographics? How long have you been doing it? Do you do other graphic design projects? I’ve created a tech news website in 2013 and I quickly needed infographics for sharing statistics in our articles. Thanks to my background, I was able to create them myself. Soon, visitors contacted me … Read more

Canva vs Piktochart: Which Should You Use?

Numerous graphic designing tools are released on the market these days, but none of them can match up with Canva or Piktochart especially when it comes to ease of use. Both also have a variety of tools and templates, which make them perfect for anyone without previous design knowledge who wants to create designs that … Read more

Visual Storytelling: Powerful Sales And Learning Tool or To Be Avoided?

Visual storytelling involves using rich visual elements to communicate information, emotions, and ideas. It can take many forms and serve various functions, from brand marketing to internal training. Most businesses will do visual storytelling to some extent, even if they are not always aware of doing so. It deserves to be better understood. By understanding … Read more

10 Content Marketing Ideas to Boost Lead Generation

If you haven’t noticed by now, the internet is overflowing with content. From a business perspective, this is down to the ability of content to drive interest from customers. Simply look at the biggest global companies’ websites and you will see a vast array of content types, from blog, to social media, side-projects, press coverage, … Read more

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Utilize a Content Marketing Matrix

Image source You already know the truth behind that well-worn phrase, ‘Content is King’, but you also know that getting that content right gets more difficult with time. New platforms and channels, ever-changing trends and tastes, all present challenges to content marketers. With 82% of marketers using content marketing on a regular basis, it’s never … Read more

Storytelling In Marketing: Brand Narrative Is Important

Attractive photos, memorable slogans, impressive logos, and witty tweets have their place when trying to grab potential customers’ attention. But when it comes to actually engaging them, you need more. This is where brand narrative comes in. You need to use storytelling in your marketing. According to research published on Slideshare, 55% of customers who … Read more