Infographic Blog

Sure you’ve seen many blogs but have you ever seen an infographic blog? Our blog is different as we use infographics rather than just words.

Infographics have been around for a long time yet, they’re still a powerful tool for data visualization. At first glance, a lot of people see a graphic as a type of picture that’s just a bunch of text. But infographics are far more than that, they’re a visual representation of data, information, and knowledge.

Visual communication is important to communications. It can make or break your message. It can make your infographic not only readable, but also actionable. This blog highlights some great examples of infographics, data visualization, explainer videos and other visual communication. The blog also provide insight into the information, best practices, tips and design tools to make your infographic project one that will be worth your time.

For example, you’ll find topics such as ways to overcome creative blocks, the Coronavirus; Covid-19 visually explained in an infographic, sources of design inspiration, how marketers can create stunning infographics, photography for beginners, and many more. In this collection, you’ll find data visualizations, multimedia, info doodles, and explanations (explainer videos).

Do you have subjects that would fit perfectly on our infographic blog? Contact us, and don’t forget to check out our large selection of infographic categories.