The Fastest Aircraft in the World

What is the fastest aircraft in the sky? According to, the North American X-15 is the fastest type of aircraft in the world. The North American X-15 is a military aircraft that can reach a max speed of 4,520 miles per hour, three times faster than the max speed of the world’s fastest commercial … Read more

What Are the Fastest-Growing Sports?

Which sports have witnessed an increased engagement among Americans in recent times? The annual Topline Participation report reveals a remarkable surge in interest in a particular racket sport. Utilizing data from the 2023 edition of the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Topline Participation report, the ReCreate team has meticulously compiled a ranked inventory featuring … Read more

The United States Ranked by Number of Gun Laws

Grasping the intricate landscape of gun control in the United States holds crucial significance for American citizens. This understanding encompasses discerning the extent of gun rights available, contingent on the state of residence. The variance is palpable, as certain states uphold stringent gun laws, while others adopt a markedly more lenient stance in line with … Read more

Which Country Is the Most Open About Sex?

What is the general attitude about sex in the country you live in? There are countless factors that influence how a culture views sex for the sake of enjoyment, casual sex, multiple sex partners, and transaction-based sex. The most recent study on worldwide promiscuity was conducted over a decade ago, so it was time for … Read more

The Highest Grossing Characters in History

When considering adored characters from the realm of pop culture, numerous figures immediately spring to mind. From timeless icons like Mickey Mouse to more niche individuals such as Goku from the Dragon Ball series, these popular franchises generate substantial revenue through merchandise sales, box office earnings, video game proceeds, and beyond. However, one intriguing question … Read more

Which Countries Produce the Most Gemstones?

Gemstones are scattered across various countries around the world, with certain regions boasting a more significant abundance of these valuable stones. The question of where these gemstones and diamonds primarily originate becomes a fascinating inquiry. The team at BriteCo took on the task of creating a global map that highlights the leading producers for over … Read more

The Fastest Growing Jobs in the Health Care Industry

The healthcare sector’s dynamics have experienced profound shifts due to factors such as the pandemic, evolving lifestyle preferences, and the aging population. The question arises: how did the pandemic impact those in healthcare? As per the federal Department of Health and Human Services, the COVID-19 crisis placed “severe strain” on the healthcare workforce in the … Read more

How Diverse Are Fortune 500 CEOs?

Historically, Corporate America has been renowned for its prevalence of white male CEOs, particularly among the top ranks of Fortune 500 companies. While the journey toward a more inclusive corporate landscape is still ongoing, recent times have witnessed a notable shift in the composition of C-suite leadership across various enterprises. Embracing the ideals of diversity, … Read more

Every Style of Women’s Bathing Suits in One Chart

We all deserve to feel comfortable, confident, and secure when wearing a swimsuit and enjoying some fun in the sun. This infographic is the ultimate guide to every style of swimsuit, from one-pieces to two-pieces and everything in between. Popular one-piece bathing suit styles on this list include strapless, lace-up, cutout, blouson, bandeau, and swim … Read more