Facts About Death – 15 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Death

15 bizarre facts about death Death is a morbid topic. Yet it’s one that fascinates many people. Probably because death is an experience that everyone will face at one point or another. So, why not take some time and learn 15 bizarre facts about death. They cover a wide range of topics from Chinese funerals … Read more

Which National Parks Get the Most Visitors in the United States?

It was the millennial generation that first really started to completely challenge the “standard” white picket fence life their parents strived for. Many in the generation born between 1981 and 1996 prioritized travel and exploring rather than settling down. Millennials actually make up for 40% of all National Park visits each year. Many millennials watched … Read more

Where in the U.S. Has the Highest Rates of Child Abuse Cases?

Child abuse may be one of the most abhorrent acts that a person can commit. Child abuse doesn’t have to leave physical bruises or marks to be detrimental to a child’s well being either. Mental and emotional abuse can also lead to a lifetime of issues. Child abuse can sometimes be generational Many times, adults … Read more

The Most-Sold Celebrity Fragrances in the World

It’s been since the 1980s when fragrances and perfumes endorsed by celebrities have been popular. It’s Sophia Loren who is most commonly credited with being the one who created the very first celebrity fragrance. In 1981, she released her perfume called “Sophia,” which was created with Coty, a legendary fragrance company. It was this product … Read more

The Deadliest Structural Failures and Building Collapses in Human History

Over the course of time, structural failures have caused mass amounts of damage for varying reasons. We’ve seen bridges collapse, dams completely fail, and we’ve seen buildings fall to the ground, and some of these instances have led to some of the deadliest situations ever, where hundreds or even thousands of people have lost their … Read more

Which Cities Have the Highest Percentage of Night-Shift Workers?

Generally, a night shift is a job that requires that employees work a portion (or all) of their shift during nighttime hours, which is typically classified as being past midnight. Usually, the night shift is also commonly referred to as the third shift, but could either be seen as working from 11:00 P.M. to 7:00 … Read more

The Cities Where House Prices Have Skyrocketed Since the Beginning of the Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic began, the housing market in the United States has undoubtedly surged. In 2020, borrowers were being offered lower mortgage rates, which caused an influx of people purchasing homes, which then in turn drove up the costs of a typical home in various cities across the United States. With this new infographic … Read more

Countries Ranked by Average Daily Time Spent Using a Gaming Console

When you’ve played video games online with others, have you ever caught yourself wondering where they are around the world? Gaming reaches all corners of the world, and it’s something that brings players from all different cultures and backgrounds together. From the team at VR.Space comes this infographic that looks at which countries are the … Read more

Why Playing is Crucial for Children’s Brain Development

“Children are natural scientists — they come into the world ready to experiment and learn through play. And they use what they discover to not only adapt the structure of their brains but also strengthen the skills they need to continue being engaged, flexible learners for their whole lives.” — The LEGO Foundation. Children need … Read more