World’s Largest Hotel Chains by Number of Locations

While the hospitality industry took major hits as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is now thriving once again. Major hotel chains around the world have seen major increases both in terms of revenue and the actual number of hotels that they’ve had to maintain globally. From the team at Decorative Ceiling … Read more

The Bodies of Water with the Most Shipwrecks

The seas and oceans of our world have seen countless ships meet their demise. Some of these ships have become famous due to their historical significance, while others have faded into obscurity. This new infographic from the team at looks at which bodies of water have had the most shipwrecks, and based on the … Read more

Understanding the Significance of Cub Scout and Boy Scout Patches

The Boy Scouts of America is an organization dedicated to the development of young people into responsible citizens through outdoor activities, leadership training, and community service. As part of this organization, Boy Scouts collect patches that represent their achievements and accomplishments in various areas of scouting. Each patch is designed with specific colors, symbols, and … Read more

Top 16 Most Elegant African Antelope

Fall in love with Africa’s most elegant antelope species with this spectacular infographic. From stunning photos to striking animal features, it summarises key points in an easy to digest format. Many people come on safari wanting to see antelope. But once on safari they realise that it’s not antelope, it’s kudu, eland, gemsbok, waterbuck, nyala, … Read more

Average School Start Times In Every State

At what time of the day does school start for your kids? It’s safe to assume that most students, parents, and teachers in the United States would agree that school might start just a little bit too early. Across the country, the average school start time in the U.S. is 8:03 AM. The CDC-recommended start … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Military Pins and Ribbons in the U.S.

Every pin and ribbon that can be found on the uniform of a service member tells a story, and serves as a testament to the journey that they’ve embarked on. Across the six different branches of the United States Military, there are more than 100 different pins that can be awarded to servicemen and women, … Read more

The Recycling Process: What Happens After You Sort Your Trash?

What actually happens when you recycle? The process is actually much more involved that you may initially think, as shown in this new visual guide from the team at OBerk. When it comes to recycling, there are two common recycling processes. The first is single-stream recycling, and the second is dual-stream recycling. In the United … Read more