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Infographic: History Of The Man Cave

This visualization portrays a brief history of Man Caves, ranging from the early 1900’s right up to the present day. Man Caves, also known as ‘manly retreats’, ‘mantuary’ or ‘manspace’, provide a space for men to kick back and relax, away from the annoyances of everyday life. They can be decorated entirely by men without fear of upsetting their partners, …

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Infographic: Top House Plan Styles by State

Throughout the U.S., the prevailing architectural style can vary from region to region – although not as much as you might expect. When we took a look at the most sought-after architectural styles in each state, we discovered that despite cultural differences between regions, the Craftsman home is not only popular across all age groups, but it remains a top …

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Infographic: The History of Interior Design

The History of Interior Design Everyone wants their homes to look nice. From the cavemen to the Egyptians and the Baroque to Regency, people across the ages have witnessed a remarkable transformation of daily life and domestic decoration. Indulging in lavish décor and rich colours, interior design has seen a fine array of styles as homeowners look to transform the …

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Infographic: Style Your Home with Feng Shui

At URBANARA, we are always looking for new ways to make your space more beautiful. After all, it’s where we spend a third of our lives! This week we’ve taken a close look at how colour influences the atmosphere in our home, gathering plenty of tips in one handy download. Find out decor advice according to the ancient Chinese philosophy …

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Infographic: What Is Your Interior Motive?

One of the most exciting things about buying a new home is thinking about how you are going to decorate it. The right furniture and fittings go a long way to putting your own stamp on a property – but what is your top priority? Brought to you by wayfair.co.uk. Brought to you by wayfair.co.uk

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What Kind of Couponer Are You?

Not every couponer is the same. Some save with their family of seven in mind, while others save with their shoe closet in mind. Different lifestyles means different needs and therefore, different coupons. Luckily, when it comes to online savings and coupon codes, there’s room for everybody. In the graphic below, we’ve concocted a silly little mob of couponing personalities. …

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Geeks vs. Hipsters

Geeks and hipsters: mortal enemies locked in an eternal struggle over irony versus earnestness. But, how different are they? Geeks are obsessive and their love is genuine. Geeks love their franchises not because of how ironically fashionable they are but because of the subjective impression they left on the individual. A geek’s love is genuine while a hipster’s is trendy. …

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The Anatomy of a Vegan

We have all heard stereotypes here and there pertaining to a vegan lifestyle. Critics often believe vegans must be pasty white hippies, feeble from malnutrition due to lack of essential amino acids. These are all misconceptions which are often used to enable non-vegans to avoid thinking about why they do eat meat. Brought to you by advancedphysicalmedicine.org. Brought to you …

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