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Swiping Right: How Smartphones Changed Relationships

How Smartphones Changed Relationships – It’s estimated that, by 2040, almost 70% of all relationships will begin through smartphone apps. There’s no denying that the arrival of smartphones and online dating has transformed the way we meet and communicate with potential partners. Loveit coverit has compiled independent research from across the UK and the wider world to offer a comprehensive …

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Fetishes: The 7 Most Common Kinks People Have

Have you ever wondered what kinks people have? I did so I spend the last few months running an experiment where I’d ask everyone on my social media, Reddit and my blog what there kinks/fetishes where in the bedroom. I decided to create an infographic to show you the 7 most popular fetishes people answered. I also published the rest …

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Let's Talk About Love

Let’s Talk About Love

This infographic reveals the data that makes up the typical Valentine’s Day. What do people search for and buy, what happens between the sheets and how can you stay safe. via theindependentpharmacy.co.uk

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Questions To Ask Girls

44+ Amazing Questions To Ask Girls

If you’re about to go on a date and want to avoid an awkward conversation, we have the perfect solution, try asking some of these questions and watch the conversation flow. via vorgasms.com

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Cheating Spouse Statistics

Eye-Opening Cheating Spouse Statistics

Think it will never happen to you? The statistics in this inforgraphic by Lawrence Ryan Investigations may make you think otherwise. The truth is, the majority of spouses will participate in some form of infidelity during their lives. If you suspect your spouse of infidelity, reach out to a respected investigator to find out the truth. For more information, please …

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Wedding Roles and Responsibilities

Wedding Roles and Responsibilities: Who Does What?

Who knew that planning a wedding would be so complicated. Who will help the bride choose her wedding dress? Who will plan the bachelor party? Who does what at the wedding? Take a look at this guide to wedding roles & responsibilities put together by the folks at weddingforward.com. [clickToTweet tweet=”Infographic: #Wedding Roles and Responsibilities: Who Does What?” quote=”Infographic: Wedding …

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Geography of Online Dating

The Geography of Online Dating

One of the most popular aspects of dating sites is the way it provides users with access to potential partners anywhere in the world. You can engage with Americans, French, South Africans and many other nationalities, all via the convenience of your web browser. So with the entire dating world at your fingertips, which country’s residents proved to be the …

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Online Dating

Exciting Facts about Online Dating

There’s an old saying about love being all around. Of course, it is, but in this day and age so is online dating. Here are some fun facts about online dating world, that may change your perception of this form of dating. Maybe this research can sound like a bit of a turn-off when we’re discussing a topic as spontaneous …

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9 Sexual Benefits of Cannabis

Multiple studies, along with history, have seemingly proved marijuana’s aphrodisiac effects. Conclusion, cannabis leads to better sex! Take a look at this great infographic created by the folks at marijuanainfographics.com. Via mycannx.com

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Prostate Massages Are Good For Your Health

Prostate Massages Are Good For Your Health

Many people are interested yet apprehensive or unsure about the ins and outs of a prostate massage. Not to worry, all your questions are answered here! Many people are unaware of the amazing benefits of this massage, so to answer all your questions we’ve put together an ultimate prostate massage guide which nicely illustrates exactly what a prostate is, where …

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safe sex

Safe Oral Sex – Stay safe and free from STDs

Sex is a pleasurable, awesome experience that everyone should enjoy. If you’re single and ready to mingle, make sure that you’re practicing safe sex with all of your partners. It’s worth talking to your partners about whether or not you’re in a monogamous or open relationship. Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship, be sure that both you and your …

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9 Reasons Kissing is Good for Your Health

Kissing is one of the best things we can enjoy while alive. It’s like a special gift any human being can share and receive. Without kissing, how boring any romantic relationships could be? Without kissing, how can we express our affection to the opposite sex? Sure, there may be other forms of affection such as hugging, cuddling, and sex, but …

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online dating tips

What Men Say In Their First Online Dating Message

The first message you send to a woman when dating online is critical to success. You need to get her attention and stand out from all the other guys who are bombarding her with messages. How do you do that though? We spent months collecting and analyzing thousands of initial online dating messages that were sent to women across the …

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Blue Waffles Disease

Busting The Blue Waffles Disease Myth

If you have ever come across the blue waffles disease then it might be frightening to you.Discover the truth behind this disease which will shock you.If you have not heard anything about Blue Waffles, fine! You will hear only what is necessary and also be sure not to get any false information. But if you have heard a little or …

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American woman 18-24 most likely to fake her climax

Ever wondered if your partner has REALLY reached climax or if they are fully sexually satisfied? In conjunction with acclaimed global research firm IFOP, CAM4.com gives insights into what is often on the minds of many. Everything from where they reside, to their age, marital status, and even their grooming habits down below, CAM4 and IFOP have the answer – …

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Eye Contact

Eye Contact – The Most Flirtatious Form of Body Language

There are few indicators of romantic interest quite as reliable as the eyes. When we’re face to face with someone who sets our pulse racing, there’s no hiding the attraction. From dilated pupils to fluttering eyelashes to raised eyebrows, the signs are visible if you pay attention. Cher once sang, ‘If you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s …

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34 Signs A Man Is Ready to Marry a Woman

This infographic by Her Aspiration showcases some of the top signs that men may be showing when they’re ready to commit to their relationship and take it to the next level of commitment – namely, marriage. This is a question that is often asked by women, and a source of much insecurity and frustration. As such, Her Aspiration has laid …

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The Men’s Guide To Becoming Christian Grey | Valentines Day

Fifty Shades of Grey has whipped up the women of the world in to a frenzy and Christian Grey has become attractive to over a hundred million women worldwide. So how can you learn from his character and be a better lover. Check out our infographic for some top tips on becoming Christian Grey. via www.adored.co.uk

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Divorce Statistics Not So Bleak

As divorce lawyers we are often questioned about the bleak statistics of divorce. We did some research and found it’s not as bleak as people think. The divorce rate is only an annual 3.3%. More people, annually, fall down stairs or get bit by dogs than get divorced. Statistics can be funny. via rightlawyers.com

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6 Iconic LGBT Friendly Wedding Venues in London

London is a city that houses some of the most eclectic wedding venues in the world; and coupled with the fact that it registers more civil partnerships than anywhere else in the UK, this is something that deserves celebration. This infographic highlights 6 of the most jaw dropping wedding venues in London, which offers same-sex marriages. It was created by …

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