How Natural Ingredients Can Help You Focus

Did you know that in the professional world, 98% of the workforce is interrupted 3-4 times a day. Constant interruptions can make it difficult to regain focus and can lead to severe decreases in productivity during the work day. The digital distractions combined with added stress can interfere with the body’s circadian rhythms and disrupt … Read more

Money Lost Through the Window

Owning a home is no cheap venture, but it’s one that many will embark on in their lives. The sense of pride, freedom of customization, they’re powerful forces for any homeowner. What many homeowners don’t anticipate is the many ways in which the bills can rack up. The mortgage, electric, water, heating, it seems they … Read more

Corporate Gift Giving: Fostering Relationships with Current and Future Clients

Did you know that corporate gift giving can lead to more successful business for brands. Due to the psychology behind gift giving, brands who regularly give gifts to their customers have a better chance of generating new leads and creating lasting loyalty with their clients.  Psychologist Carl Jung developed a personality theory that contributes to … Read more

Interested in a Historical Watch piece? Things to Consider

First-time watch buyers looking to buy a watch that has a unique history behind it should consider a few things before making a final purchase. They should consider the brand, its heritage, the watch movement, functionality, and its style. This will help watch buyers make a more fashionable purchase that suits their style and passion … Read more

Trusts vs. Wills … Everything You Need To Know

Do you need help figuring out the difference between a will and a trust? A living will, also known as an advance directive, is a legal document that specifies your wishes regarding medical treatment if you become unable to communicate your decisions due to a terminal illness, injury, or other incapacitating condition. A living will … Read more

Influence Networks Across Industries

Alumni are known for their powerful influence in the elite circles of countless industries and markets. 98% of Fortune 500 companies have an alumni program in some capacity. Alumni networks promote more funding, more investments, and a more positive brand sentiment. In the collegiate and university world this influence is similarly prominent. College alumni networks … Read more

In With the New: MicroLearning

It’s time for a change in the way employees are trained. The truth is: traditional training models are ineffective to prepare employees for the job. This is because the tools themselves were made poorly leading to a bad learning experience, thus the employee retains very little of what they learned. On average, it takes 7 … Read more

Keeping an Eye on Growing Supplement Industry

Learn the supplement industry inside and out as its nutritional complexity deepens! Now pioneered by field experts, the growing vitamin industry is being shaped by these minds. Supplements of all kinds take center stage with 60% of the worldwide population who take vitamins daily.  The overwhelming growth of the supplement industry is projected to continue … Read more

How Color Psychology Affects Your Marketing

Color is an often overlooked tool in marketing, and it’s more powerful than you think. The correct usage of color can enhance mood, increase memory, and boost attention span. Warm, bright colors like red, yellow, and orange increase heart rate, boost metabolism, and increase circulation. These warm colors are used more often when marketing food … Read more

Christmas Superstitions: Who Knew Christmas Was So Creepy?

12 christmas superstitions

Halloween seems to be the time for superstitions, but Christmas has just as many if not more! While it’s a time for Christmas trees over pumpkins and treats rather than tricks, you’d be surprised at what comes out of the woodwork over the festive season. Doors & More have searched the world over to find … Read more

The Average Age and Income of Home Buyers (and Home Sellers) in the United States

average age of homebuyers

How old were you when you bought your first home? What about when you sold your first home? See how your answers stack up against other home buyers and sellers in your area with this study from that ranks the 50 most populous metro areas in the United States based on the average age … Read more

The Wealthiest Sports Team Owners

richest sports team-owners top 30

Around the world, in sports leagues all over, sports teams are owned by notable millionaires and billionaires. However, who are the richest owners in sports? At Madison Trust, there’s a new infographic from their research team that shows off who the richest sports owners in the world are, specifically ranking through the top 30. Per … Read more

Mobile Phone Trends And Statistics

mobile phone usage 2022 stats, the USA’s No 1 phone trade-in site has produced some interesting statistics around Mobile Phone ownership and usage. The data looks at people’s day to day use of mobile phones and smartphones and how they affect everyday life. The infographic looks at how much time adults, parents and children spend using mobile phones and … Read more

Amish People: Who Are The Amish?

Amish people in Pennsylvania

Who are the Amish People? The Amish, or as they were formally known, the Old Order Amish, are a group of Anabaptist Christians who are closely related to the Mennonites. The Amish community is known for their plain dress, simple living, avoidance of technology, and Christian pacifism. Many of us may already know that Amish … Read more

Facts About Death – 15 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Death

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Death

15 bizarre facts about death Death is a morbid topic. Yet it’s one that fascinates many people. Probably because death is an experience that everyone will face at one point or another. So, why not take some time and learn 15 bizarre facts about death. They cover a wide range of topics from Chinese funerals … Read more

The Most-Sold Celebrity Fragrances in the World

most popular celebrity fragrances

It’s been since the 1980s when fragrances and perfumes endorsed by celebrities have been popular. It’s Sophia Loren who is most commonly credited with being the one who created the very first celebrity fragrance. In 1981, she released her perfume called “Sophia,” which was created with Coty, a legendary fragrance company. It was this product … Read more