Top Energy Star Cities in the United States

There are many different things you can do as an individual to save energy in your own home, helping the environment and also your wallet in the long run. Buying Energy Star rated appliances, shutting off lights when you leave a room, keeping doors shut when the air conditioner is on, basically everything your parents … Read more

Why All Businesses Should Be Using Live Video

In an age of increased digitalization, which has been accelerated by the pandemic, demand for real-time information and content has become greater than ever. Live video, also known as live streaming, enables this instantaneous information flow, whether it be for entertainment, business or even hospital appointments. As the use cases for live video have multiplied, … Read more

How to Target The Perfect Social Media Audience

Worldwide, brands spend millions of dollars on advertising, but is this expense really necessary? The blueprint for success lies within targeting the perfect social media audience for your brand. Tailoring your advertising strategy across social media platforms helps you zone in on your target market, saving your business from losing time and money. The Power … Read more

6 ways to improve your PPC landing pages

PPC specialists Equation Digital have outlined six ways to improve PPC landing pages to ensure you get the most out of your investment. When investing in PPC, driving conversions is vital and without effective optimisation of landing pages this will prove to be difficult. Optimising landing pages can prove a common challenge for marketers, but … Read more

Gen-Z’s Brand Preferences

Gen-Z is a generation of diversity. Currently resting between the ages of 10-22 (1995-2010), Gen-Z is the most racially and sexually diverse. They’re also on track to be the most educated generation, due in part to the higher numbers of college-graduated parents and their influence. This has created a Gen-Z brand perception based, in large … Read more

Where did COVID-19 Cause the Most People to Work From Home?

One of the biggest changes at the start of the pandemic was that work from home became a new reality for many Americans. While some employees returned to the office when restrictions were lifted, many companies chose to let their employees continue working from home and some even decided to make it a permanent switch. … Read more

Selfie Obsession: Do excessive selfies lead to an increase in narcissism?

The history and definition of the selfie Selfies have quickly become one of the most popular forms of self-expression on social media. But where did this trend come from and what does it really mean? The word “selfie” was first coined in 2002 by an Australian man, and referred to a self-portrait taken with a … Read more

Most Small Business Owners Were Ready to Go Remote Before the Pandemic

In a recent survey, Incfile found that most small businesses were prepared for the digital shift in the workforce before the pandemic. The data shows that employees and employers alike are leaning more toward remote options. Including hybrid solutions that allocate more time at home. Many companies either planned, adapted to or successfully transitioned into … Read more

Vertical Videos: The Future of Video Marketing? [Infographic]

The infographic from Breadnbeyond below will unpack the power of vertical videos for your video marketing campaigns. Let’s admit it; most of us access the internet using our mobile phones– whether it’s making online purchases, scrolling through social media feeds, reading news, even replying to emails. According to the stats, almost 57% of all web … Read more