Specialized Lenses: Catering to Individual Needs

The eyewear market is on the rise with an estimated worth of $115 billion in 2021 alone and is expected to continue growing exponentially. What contributes to this steep increase in sales? Specialized eyewear used to encompass things like prescription sunglasses or safety glasses, sports specific designs, and even gaming glasses, but today the term … Read more

Evading the Holiday Tech Shortage

Supply chain challenges are hindering holiday shopping. Many shoppers are aware of the issue. Online retailers’ out of stock product numbers are expected to rise 360% from 2019, with electronics being one of the most affected categories. The tech industry currently faces the dual impact of computer chip shortages and supply chain frustrations. Relying on sea and air … Read more

App Development Cost: Guide

App stores suggest millions of digital products that are in demand among users throughout the world. According to Statista, in 2022, US consumers alone are expected to spend over 34 billion dollars on mobile apps. Impressive, isn’t it? However, along with users’ spending on applications, the app development cost will also increase. Therefore, if you … Read more

What Can Become NFTs in Sport Domain

NFTs are gaining more popularity every day. Non-fungible tokens can be usefully applied to almost any sphere from Art and Gaming to Real Estate and Investment. Another notable domain that has already seen very popular NFT cases is the Sports Industry. The most widely known examples include NBA Top Shots and Sorare platform. But this … Read more

5 Reasons To Choose Magento As Your Ecommerce Platform

Have you been looking for a customizable Ecommerce platform that combines user-friendliness and powerful features? Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Magento as your Ecommerce platform. We compiled five robust reasons why you should consider a custom Magento Website for your eStore. Magneto is an open-source PHP that makes it easy for programmers … Read more

Innovations in Technology: Nursing Homes of the Future

When you think about nursing homes, what comes to mind? For most people, the thoughts don’t tend to be happy ones. We don’t generally think of a place where residents are thriving and life is enjoyable. Especially in this past year, thoughts and realities about nursing homes have been far more disheartening and sad than anything else. … Read more