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Cause and Effect: How the Media You Consume Can Change Your Life

While the chips are clearly stacked against today’s young girls, amazing women everywhere continue to rise above the stats. You or someone you know is probably one of them.

This March we are collecting these stories of everyday women who have overcome the odds – the stereotypes and misrepresentations – in order to reach their goals. Inspired ourselves by the voice of Sandra Fluke and the growing strength of the women’s rights movement, through your successes we hope to motivate new generations of girls to reach for their dreams. Send us your stories!

Brought to you by missrepresentation.org.

Brought to you by missrepresentation.org


  1. I love the way that the infographic is set up, setting out the negatives, then saying how women are fighting against it, and lastly how women should continue the fight (: It’s very motivational!

  2. Media has always sucked us women in- it is their job and they do it well- they are selling a product- be it cosmetics, clothes or an image. It is unfortunate but most models arent typical women,

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