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Child Safe Blinds: How To Childproof Your Blinds (Infographic)

How to make your blinds child safe? Avoid the hidden dangers of corded window coverings for young children and pets. The infographic lists 7 ways to prevent choking in young children and pets. By following the above tips and choosing a retailer or a supplier that’s committed to consumer product safety, you will drastically reduce the risk of injuries from corded window coverings.

Some Canadian retailers and suppliers are already committing to the public to go cordless by offering cord-free solutions such as motorized blinds and shades. No more cord also means no more struggling trying to open and close blinds.

7 ways to prevent choking in young children and pets

  • Always keep cords out of reach
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and read all warnings
  • Do not place any piece of furniture that a child or pet can climb near a window
  • Securely attach tension devices supplied with corded window coverings to the wall
  • Install a cleat or tie-down device up high on the wall and use it to keep cords out of reach
  • Never tie knots in cords and immediately untie any knots that form accidentally
  • Remove any devices that form dangling loops.

Did you know? A child tangled in cords can lose consciousness in as little as 15 seconds, and brain damage begins after just four minutes without oxygen.

The ‘child safe blinds’ infographic also lists how often these injuries occurred from 1986 to 2016 in Canada. Health Canada received 69 reports concerning the choking hazards posed by corded window coverings.


Child Safe Blinds: How To Childproof Your Blinds (Infographic)

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