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Christmas Day in New Zealand

We all recognize the quintessential Christmas imagery – decorated Xmas trees, snow-covered streets, ugly Christmas sweaters – the list goes on. While many of these traditions have been adopted around the world, it is important to remember that these are very much a North American portrayal of the festive season. While these are ingrained in us through holiday season blockbusters, each country has their own unique ways of celebrating the holiday. Because of the very different climate in December in the Southern Hemisphere, the Christmas experience is very different down under.

Tucked away at the bottom of the globe, you won’t find many snowmen being built in New Zealand during Christmas time! While Kiwis still decorate their homes with Christmas trees, Xmas stockings, lights and still exchange gifts with loved ones (the best part!), New Zealand has their own specific traditions. Far from cozying up around a crackling fireplace, much of the Kiwi Christmas activities are based in the great outdoors. With December 25 falling right at the beginning of the New Zealand summer holidays, most New Zealanders will travel to popular beach destinations for their summer break, choosing to go camping or stay in their “bach” (Kiwi slang for “holiday home).

While New Zealand Xmas activities may break from tradition, they do all tend to revolve around the universal holiday season convention of spending time with family and friends. Brought to you by Christmas gift basket retailer, Giftbox Boutique, this infographic shows just what to expect from a New Zealand Christmas Day celebration.

Christmas Day in New Zealand Infographic

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