Companies With the Loyalist Customers in the World

Typically, companies will do whatever they can to get insights into and information on what sways customers into making decisions on purchases. To do this, companies will analyze customer behavior and market research, analyze web analytics, and try to become more knowledgeable about their customers in general. All of this together can generate very important and valuable information for companies to help them increase sales. From the team at Qualtrics comes this new infographic that looks at which brands have the most loyal customers, based on the top 25 brand keys loyalty leaders from 2019 through 2023.

According to the data and research done by the team at Qualtrics, it was determined that the brand with the most loyal customers is none other than Apple, who also held that spot in 2022. In both years, Amazon and Domino’s have held the second and third spots respectively. Amazon had originally held this title from 2019 through 2021, but has retained brand loyalty in a big way. In terms of brand loyalty, other brands in the top ten of the ranking as of 2023 include Netflix, TikTok, Nike, WhatsApp, Samsung, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

Other brands that made their way onto the overall ranking for 2023 include the likes of YouTube, Discover, Disney+, Dunkin’, Hyundai, MSNBC, and Google. On this infographic from Qualtrics, many different brand categories are covered, including online retail, video streaming, automotive, social networking, and pizza. There are some categories that seemingly don’t have a lot of representation, like car manufacturers, as there are only two included here – those being 15th ranked Hyundai and 22nd ranked Toyota. However, things like streaming services seem to be well represented, with brands like 4th-ranked Netflix, 9th-ranked Amazon Prime Video, 10th-ranked Apple TV, 11th-ranked YouTube, 13th-ranked Disney+, and 21st-ranked Hulu. Which of the brands included on this infographic are you most loyal to?

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