Comparing the Social Media Followers of Different Fast Food Restaurants

Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, McDonald’s has a total social media following of more than 92 million users. Based on social media follower counts as of March 2022, the team at HowToCook.Recipes ranked 50 different chains to determine which fast food chains have the most social media followers. The 50 fast food restaurant chains that were included in this ranking were the 50 fast food chains that had the most sales across the United States in 2019.

Aside from McDonald’s, the only two fast food restaurant chains on this entire ranking that had social media communities of more than 36 million social media followers collectively were Starbucks (66.8 million total followers) and KFC (60.8 million total followers). Starbucks is especially dominant on both Instagram and Twitter, with 17.7 million total Instagram followers and 11 million total Twitter followers (as of March 2022).

The data included on this infographic from HowToCook.Recipes even includes rankings of each of the five social media networks included in the data, with the top five leaders for each. The largest followings for each individual social media network including Starbucks on Twitter (with 11 million Twitter followers), McDonald’s on Facebook (with 81 million Facebook followers), Starbucks on Instagram (with 17.7 million Instagram followers), McDonald’s on TikTok (with 631,000 Tik Tok followers) and Dunkin’ on YouTube (with 3 million YouTube subscribers). Across all five of these social media platforms, McDonald’s and Starbucks are the only two fast food giants to appear in the top five of each.

This infographic even breaks down each individual social media platform. Interestingly enough, while Dunkin’ is ranked seventh in terms of the total number of social media followers with 22.4 million, they have by far the largest YouTube Channel of any other fast food brand. With 3 million subscribers to their YouTube Channel, Dunkin’ leads all fast food brands, and are followed in the top five by McDonald’s (2.1 million YouTube subscribers), Starbucks (1.8 million YouTube subscribers), Chipotle (1.7 million YouTube Subscribers) and Taco Bell (1.7 million YouTube subscribers).

Comparing the Social Media Followers of Different Fast Food Restaurants

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