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A Complete Guide to Printing Techniques (And When To Use Them)

When you think of all the flyers, business cards, and other print designs you see in a given day, it’s pretty clear that print still plays a role in marketing. But when it comes to creating these designs for yourself, it’s easy to get in over your head.

There are four primary print methods: four-color process, PMS printing, foil stamping, and embossing. That sounds simple enough, until you have to choose from thousands of CMYK ink colors, hundreds of PMS colors, dozens of foil colors, and multiple styles of embossing—not to mention all the paper stocks they can be printed on.

Are you confused yet? Not to worry! This great resource from Company Folders will teach you how to choose the right imprint method and paper stock for your project.  You’ll be prepared to work with a print design company or talk directly to your printer to get the results you want.

Complete Guide to Printing Techniques

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  1. The infographic was really useful. Its always great to learn new things and these printing techniques were new to me.

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