Corporate Gift Giving: Fostering Relationships with Current and Future Clients

Did you know that corporate gift giving can lead to more successful business for brands. Due to the psychology behind gift giving, brands who regularly give gifts to their customers have a better chance of generating new leads and creating lasting loyalty with their clients. 

Psychologist Carl Jung developed a personality theory that contributes to how effective gift giving can be in building relationships with clients. Giving someone a gift provides an immediate emotional connection which can make establishing a relationship much easier. If a brand is able to utilize their clients personality archetypes in order to make gifts seem more personalized, they can expect to see an increase of sales by up to 40%.

Personality archetypes can help to determine what gifts a client would appreciate most. For example, if your brand caters more to people with the Ruler archetypes, gifts such as office supplies or organizational tools might work best. If your clients fit more into the Everyman or the Caregiver archetypes, they may appreciate household or more classic gifts. These personal touches to corporate gifts can make clients feel more connected with your brand overall.

Additionally, when clients feel more connected to businesses, they are more likely to speak highly of them on and offline. This can lead to new leads for future clients, and can overall boost public perception of your brand. What’s more, giving gifts can lead to a higher chance of finding brand ambassadors which can continue to spread the word about your company to a new audience.

Overall, gift giving can be an easy way to form lasting relationships with current and future clients. This can be made even easier when using personality archetypes to find which presents would be appreciated most by your client base. Learn more about the benefits of giving gifts and how to find the right gifts for your clients in the infographic below:

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