Countries Around the World Ranked by How Much Privacy Their Citizens Are Afforded on the Internet

As more and more people share their personal data online, internet privacy has increasingly become an issue around the world. Data breaches are occurring more than ever before, and countries around the world are leaving their citizens vulnerable when it comes to internet and data privacy. Using data from the 2022 Freedom on the Net report, the team at Stevens Institute of Technology recently conducted a study to determine which features countries ranked by internet privacy. This report that was used for research for this infographic focused on giving scores to the 70 countries which had been noted as in “Violation of User Rights.”

According to the research conducted by Stevens Institute of Technology, it was determined that then ten countries with the best internet privacy were Estonia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Canada, Georgia, Armenia, Germany, Japan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. On the ranking as well, the ten countries that are considered to have the worst internet privacy include China, Myanmar, Egypt, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Belarus, Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. Based on the data, the countries with the steepest decline in internet privacy were Myanmar, Rwanda, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Kyrgyzstan, while the countries with the biggest improvement in internet privacy were The Gambia, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Thailand, and Bahrain.

Estonia was ranked as having the best internet privacy in the world, scoring 37 points out of a possible 40 points on the rankings for this infographic. It was Estonia that earned the highest points total possible for six of the eight factors that the rankings are based on, and as a result, the internet freedom level for Estonia is considered to be “free.” When it comes to internet privacy laws that protect the personal information of their residents, Estonia is right at the time, and also ranks third in the world for their commitment to cyber security.

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