Countries Around the World Ranked by Penis Size

It is common for cisgendered men to wonder how they measure below the belt, but how much does it truly matter? Research suggests that size is not the most important sexual factor for the majority of people. A survey of 52,031 heterosexual women and men conducted by the University of California Psychology Department discovered that 84% of women surveyed were satisfied with the penis size of their partners while only 14% desired a larger size. That same study found that 45% of men stated they wanted a bigger penis. A 202 meta-analysis of research on penis size concluded that the average length of an erect penis ranges from 5.1 inches to 5.5 inches. However, researchers are inclined to believe that the typical penis size is closer to the lower end of that spectrum due to the inevitable inaccuracies of self-reported data. Does penis size vary by country and continent? Data suggests that it does. This infographic ranks 143 countries by average flaccid and erect penis length and circumference. It is also broken down by continent which reveals some interesting patterns. Sudan has secured first place for erect penis size in the world with an average length of 7.07 inches or 17.95 centimeters. Thailand is in last place with an erect average of 3.71 inches or 9.43 centimeters. As far as thickness goes, France ranks first for both flaccid (4.29 inches or 10.90 centimeters) and erect (5.37 inches or 13.63 centimeters) circumference. While Sudan takes the crown for longest average erect penises, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks first for the longest average flaccid penis length at 4.80 inches or 12.20 centimeters. Overall, Africa ranks first for average flaccid penis length at 3.97 inches and South America ranks first for average erect penis length at 6.05 inches. These continents are repeated for flaccid circumference (3.86 inches) and erect circumference (4.80 inches)

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