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Countries Ranked by Average Daily Time Spent Using a Gaming Console

When you’ve played video games online with others, have you ever caught yourself wondering where they are around the world? Gaming reaches all corners of the world, and it’s something that brings players from all different cultures and backgrounds together.

From the team at VR.Space comes this infographic that looks at which countries are the most passionate about gaming around the world.

For many, gaming is a beloved pastime, whereas for some, gaming has proven to be a profession. While there are many passionate gamers from around the world, which countries are the most passionate about gaming in general?

According to the research from the team at VR.Space, the top gaming country based on data of those gamers who are aged 16-24, it was found that the Philippines is the most passionate about gaming, with 96.7% of people in that age range considering themselves to be gamers.

Per the data and research, it was found that nine countries had percentages above 90% in this regard. Aside from the top-ranked Philippines, it was found the others were Indonesia (95.4%), Vietnam (93.6%), Thailand (93%), Turkey (92.6%), Saudi Arabia (92.3%), Mexico (91.8%), Taiwan (91.6%) and India (91.2%).

This infographic also includes information on which countries spend the most time playing video games, with the data specifically focusing on the amount of time spent gaming each day. While it was found that the Philippines is the country that’s the most passionate about gaming, gamers in the Philippines weren’t even in the top three for the average hours spent daily playing video games. Instead, it was Thailand that took the top spot, where gamers spend an average of 1 hour and 56 minutes a day gaming.

Other top countries in this regard were Saudi Arabia (with an average of 1 hour and 44 minutes per day) and Egypt (at 1 hour and 32 minutes per day).

which country is most passionate about gaming

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