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What Crazy Things Can Smart Light Bulbs Do?

Smart light bulbs are pretty well known by the general public. But do the users really know how much this technology can do? Here is a hint: LED light bulbs can do way more than spreading colored light, being remotely monitored via a smartphone or graduating the brightness in a room.

This infographic states eight surprising functionalities smart light can come with: onboard camera, smoke detector, video projector, Wi-Fi repeater, speaker… It is indeed possible to listen to music or to spy on the house occupants via connected light bulbs. They can also be voice controlled and their light synchronized with your TV set or your phone’s music playlist.

The infographic has first been featured on the website Lighted-Tips.com, to illustrate the article “Which Connected Light Bulb For My Smart Home?” Its purpose is to help readers to choose the right smart lighting product, depending on the options they want to have, the price they are ready to pay and the equipment they already own.

via lighted-tips.com

What Crazy Things Can Smart Light Bulbs Do?

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