CSB XPL-FT UPS Batteries – An Introduction & Overview

This infographic offers an insightful overview of the CSB UPS (uninterruptible power supply) XLP-FT battery series, exemplifying state-of-the-art advancements in SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery technology.

Designed and engineered by CSB, the XLP-FT battery series features front terminal style batteries which make these units unique and distinguished in their performance. These batteries serve as high-spectrum, reliable sources of long-lasting backup power, epitomizing the very essence of uninterruptible power supply.

The series is strategically aimed at telecommunications applications, addressing the sector’s demand for reliable energy sources capable of powering their systems consistently and in the most demanding situations.

CSB’s innovative XLP-FT series exhibits a 30% increase in power density. This monumental feat in energy capacity is achieved through a more compact grid mesh in combination with a patented and ground-breaking hybrid insulation design. This interface and confluence of next-generation technologies ultimately contribute to the stellar efficiency and output of the XLP-FT battery series.

Complementing power density is greater conductivity achieved through the incorporation of a new integrated design. This feature ensures that every bit of supplied power is fully utilized, minimizing loss and maximizing yield.

In addition to superior conductive characteristics, CSB uses high purity carbon in the XLP-FT battery series to significantly extend the life of the batteries. This utilization of high-purity carbon redefines efficiency and durability, setting a new bar in the sealed lead acid battery industry. The inclusion of this next-generation carbon material ensures that the batteries can consistently deliver high power output while maintaining their structural integrity and performance, thereby adding to the line’s cost-effectiveness and longevity.

Quality is the bedrock of CSB’s ethos, and it manifests in every aspect of their manufacturing process. Their automated cast-on-strap assembly process ensures that each battery features high-quality joints. This not only reinforces the structural robustness of the battery but also enhances their performance under load.

Furthermore, CSB’s pioneering in-case formation manufacturing process is eco-friendly, a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable practices, reducing the carbon footprint while setting new benchmarks in battery production processes. This fit-for-purpose, tailor-made approach guarantees the production of batteries that are both powerful and environmentally friendly!

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