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CTV and OTT TV Services For Higher Education

Due to the increase of streaming options, how people watch TV is changing along with their ability to connect with great advertising. Through on-demand streaming options, consumers, including your prospective students, can access their favorite shows when they want and where they want.

With these advancements in entertainment technology, over half of the US population (58%) has become subscription over the top (OTT) viewers.1 Companies and businesses looking to market their services are having to adjust like never before. If you are still running advertisements on traditional cable networks don’t miss out on the fast-growing market of OTT and Connected TV (CTV) viewers. Our OTT TV and CTV services could help you stay ahead of the game and reach your higher education marketing goals.

With Edufficient you can expect no short-form content, total frequency cap optimization, and non-skippable ads to connect you with the right prospective students. Most importantly we do not source inventory from open exchanges and will help you scale in all 210 US DMAs. Our Partner’s Network gives you access to more than 125 vetted, well-known, and trusted content partners you can glean from.

Customizing your target audience and targeting those specific households has never been easier through our partners’ proprietary Household Device Graph. You can receive extensive reporting on your campaign’s performance and plan effectively for future campaigns. TV is advancing forward, is your advertising strategy moving with it? Connect with prospective students through our CTV & OTT TV services at Edufficient!

Visit Edufficient to learn more about it.

CTV and OTT TV Services For Higher Education

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