Types of Data Visualization: How to Choose Your Charts

The team at iDashboards created this handy infographic to guide you through all of the different types of data visualization. Like the chart categories you want to use in your dashboard or data visualization.

Data visualization is about communicating the meaning behind the metrics. The charts you choose should facilitate the story you’re trying to tell with your data.

There are four main categories charts fall into:

  • Distribution
    Over a continuous set of data points, where do your values fall? For example, are there outliers?
  • Relationship
    How do these variables relate to each other?
  • Composition
    What parts make up the whole?
  • Comparison
    How are these values similar or different?

Think of it as a cheat sheet for setting the stage for your data story!

via idashboards.com

Data visualization: How to Choose Your Charts

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