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Destination sunshine: Your Ultimate Tan Guide

Destination Sunshine explains why many people find it impossible to achieve an equal all-over tan during their beach holidays. Areas such as hand palms, armpits and foot soles are nigh on impossible to tan because these areas contain significantly less melanin than the rest of the body. Buttocks and thighs are difficult to tan due to a lack of oxygen, and women who shave their shins and calves will notice that it is much more difficult to tan their legs because the razor blades scrape off the top layer of the skin and leave the skin dry.

Other new data included in this visualization covers how many holidays Britons take on average, where they travel, how much sun and UV these countries receive per month and how people with different skin types can protect themselves against sunburn. The sources include Airtours’ own data, the World Health Organization, Cancer Research UK, UNdata, MetOffice, ABTA, NASA and others.

Brought to you by www.airtours.co.uk.

Brought to you by www.airtours.co.uk

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