Digital Health: Changes in Medical Communication

This past year has seen a myriad of changes. Whether it be how we shop or where we eat we have become accustomed to adaptation.  Most likely, you have attended a doctor’s appointment online within the past year.  You may not have known it then, but you had just partaken in the future of medicine. 

We have seen a rapid increase in technology and digitalization over the past couple of years, and until recently the medical field has resisted change.  However, they have now realized that their demographic needs technological changes otherwise, they will lose the personal and business relationship they have with their patients. 

Studies show that physicians who embrace technology and digitalization have 62% increase in positive patient engagement.  This level of engagement was previously unheard of within the medical field and it shows the lasting positive benefits that digitalization will have in the medical field. 

In fact, doctors and physicians have actually preferred online medicine to the traditional way of practicing.  Over 90% of doctors use social media in a professional way daily.  This could be through Facebook for patient outreach, or even a Google search on websites like Sermo or WebMD to check a medical query. 

The utilization of these tools also increases the patient experience by reducing the amount of time spent in either a physical or virtual appointment.  Now, all a doctor has to do to find an answer is pull up their web browser of choice.  This rapid treatment technique benefits both patient and physician. 

With many factors contributing to the rise of digitalization in the healthcare industry, it is quite a surprise that many medical facilities haven’t made the switch earlier.  With increased positive outcomes, patient relationships and access to medical records the switch to digital can only be a positive one.

Digital Health: Changes in Medical Communication

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