Digital Therapy During A Pandemic

Learn everything you need to know about digital therapy during the pandemic from the infographic below.

These are just a few of the many advances in digital therapeutics. In fact there are more on the horizon every day.

Right now many of us can’t get to our regular doctor visits for conditions that require monitoring and treatment. Telehealth is an option for a lot of things. On the other hand, when it comes to most kinds of therapy there aren’t a lot of viable options. Fortunately there’s tech already developed for treating things like ADHD, autism, addiction, and more from video games and apps.

App-based addiction treatment isn’t as callous as it sounds. The fact of the matter is that addiction treatment in the United States is both expensive and scarce. With a surge in addiction cases over the last decade thanks to the opioid epidemic, there just aren’t enough inpatient beds to go around. And once people graduate from addiction treatment centers there is little support for them in the community. Apps designed to treat addiction can be used as a supplement to outpatient treatment. As well as a way to continue treatment once the program is complete.

Video games can also be used as a supplement to treat ADHD. In the absence of therapy options. They can also be used as a supplement to traditional therapy methods. These games are designed to bolster working memory, executive functioning, and selective attention. Gameplay is designed to work on certain skills. Also to react and change the difficulty if the desired outcome is not being achieved.

Digital Therapy During A Pandemic

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