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Do dogs like hugs? I’m a dog. I hate hugs. Get over it.

Do dogs like hugs? Just like humans, dogs are complicated creatures. We have our likes and dislikes just like you. But this hugging thing got way out of hand. We’ve been tight for thousands of years.

Are you humans gonna throw that away over this? Sorry if we hurt your feelings, but think about all the good times we’ve shared together. We would die for you. Literally. Cat’s won’t do that.

– Love Always, Your Best Friend

Loaded with cool science that shows the complex emotional world of dogs and their close connections with humans. Guaranteed to make you laugh and if you’re not happier after reading it, I’ll buy your whole team a coffee 🙂 – Ryan (publisher)


Do dogs like hugs? I'm a dog. I hate hugs. Get over it. (Infographic)

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