What Is a Doodle Video and How Do You Make One? (Beginner’s Guide)

The marketing industry is ever-changing, with new trends coming and going. One recent trend that has gained a great deal of momentum in recent years with no signs of slowing down is doodle videos. These quick, entertaining videos are everywhere and have been used by some of the largest companies for various reasons. So, today let’s talk about what a doodle video is and how you can make one.

What Is a Doodle Video?

Doodle videos are used for many reasons but most commonly for training or marketing videos. They are also called doodle animations or whiteboard animations because they depict hand-drawn illustrations to create a narrative or message with which viewers can engage and digest the information more visually.

More specifically, a doodle video is a particular type of animation which shows cartoons being hand-drawn while the narrator is speaking during the message. The combination of watching the drawing and listening to the message helps viewers with engagement and the absorption of the information you hope to convey. And with video marketing still on the rise, using animations like doodle videos will provide you with a more creative way to advertise or promote a business.

Tim Bergling’s 32nd Birthday Doodle Video ©️Google

Here’s a perfect example of a video Doodle Google created to celebrate the 32nd birthday of Avicii (Tim Bergling).

What Is Doodle Drawing?

A doodle is a small drawing that someone makes while their attention is otherwise elsewhere. Doodles are simple drawings that may represent concrete meanings or simply be composed of random or abstract lines where the person doesn’t actually lift the pencil from the paper. In the latter, it’s usually a scribble.

The word doodle was first used during the early 17th century, and it meant simpleton or fool. It wasn’t until the early 18th century that doodle became a verb used to mean “to make a fool of or swindle.” Today’s meaning for the word emerged to describe politicians who do nothing while in office at the taxpayer’s expense. This led to a more generalized verb meaning “to doodle,” which literally means to do nothing. However, doodling in the drawing sense was made mainstream in the 1930s movie Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.

Today, doodling is commonplace among people who are bored while talking on the phone, thinking, or simply with nothing better to do. Yet, many researchers believe that doodles are more than merely drawings on paper. In fact, science has found that doodling is good for you!

Here are some ways it’s important:

  • It helps you pay attention. Despite what you may have heard, doodling can keep you focused with just enough stimulation to prevent your brain from reverting to the default state of “spacing out.”
  • It provides an emotional outlet. If you’re having trouble putting emotions into words or communicating, doodling can help you express these feelings. They can even make you relaxed and calm during times of increased anxiety, depression, and frustration.
  • It enhances creative thought. Doodling creates a mental state somewhere between daydreaming and awareness, making it perfect for coming up with creative, new ideas.
Example of Hand-Drawn Sketchy Doodles
Example of Hand-Drawn Sketchy Doodles

Furthermore, scientists believe that doodling can also provide rare insight into your psyche. Doodles aren’t thought of as just random drawings; here are some examples of what your doodles may mean:

  • Flowers: Drawing flowers can indicate a fragile, gentle, or passive nature.
  • Bricks: Doodling a brick wall can signify obstacles between you and your goals.
  • Flying Animals: While these types of animals are cute, drawing them can signify your want to be free and not be tied down.

Difference Between Doodle Videos And Whiteboard Video Animation?

There is essentially no difference between doodle videos and whiteboard video animation. These names are interchangeable, and both videos are types of explainer videos. As we mentioned, doodle videos are used as animated training or marketing videos. Much like you can use infographics to convey information in a more digestible form, doodle or whiteboard videos are short and perfect for helping your audience retain more information than they would simply by reading text.

Additionally, both infographics and doodle videos are beneficial for businesses, as they can be used to drive traffic, simply get your name out, or as marketing tools (we’ll discuss this more later). Just as infographics use graphics to help tell a story, doodle videos use the power of animation. Since stories are a proven method of assisting people to retain important facts, you can use this to your company’s advantage to explain the benefits or features of your service or product.

Using whiteboard video animation or a doodle video is excellent for keeping a person’s attention. This works because as the hand draws the first letter of a word, the brain begins trying to predict what the word will be. This same concept applies to drawing as well because humans are curious creatures that want to figure out what’s going to happen next. As you can see, the creation is a motivation for the viewers to continue watching your video. And, when someone stays on your site longer, this increases the chance of them visiting other pages, and ultimately, lowers your site’s bounce rate. Using doodle videos will not only keep your viewer’s attention, but they also help build a relationship and can make a person more likely to buy something from you.

Why Use Doodle Videos?

But, the truth is, you should use doodle videos in marketing for many more reasons than we just discussed. There are times when creating a doodle video is more effective than any other form of marketing. Here are nine times you should use a doodle video:

The idea is complex.

If you’re discussing a system or product that’s highly technical by nature, a whiteboard animation video may be the easiest way to present the information. Keep in mind that people tend to get bored during complex explanations, and the more details included, the harder many find it is to focus.

But, regardless of if you’re promoting products on a landing page or sharing new ideas with the team, using high-quality doodle videos can get your point across by capturing and keeping your audience’s attention.

A doodle video should be fast-moving and visually detailed. It also helps when there are lots of colors, making the video fun and easy to watch.

You’re explaining multiple ideas at one time.

For similar reasons, a doodle video is excellent for when you have large amounts of information to include in a presentation. As ideas begin to unfold visually and the narrator explains what’s happening, you have an excellent opportunity to present many different ideas without having to worry about losing interest from the audience.

You have a story to tell.

There’s no easier way to tell your company or brand’s story than with a whiteboard animation or doodle video. Walt Disney proved nearly a hundred years ago that animation is a highly effective way to tell a story. Why not try for yourself?

You have old content to reuse.

Are you looking to repurpose content you already own? Perhaps you have a speech, podcast, or other audio you recorded on the topic; you can pair this with your doodle video. This is a great way to breathe new life into content that you’ve already used, and you’ll capitalize off it as well.

You want to get the attention of another business.

Have you ever considered using doodle animations for B2B marketing? Whiteboard animation features an industrial look that’s also casual, so it fits nicely into a corporate setting. When companies opt to use these videos, it gives them the edge over competitors when approaching other businesses with an offer.

You want a presentation to include humor.

If you want to make a video presentation that includes humor, doodle animation is one of the best ways to get genuine laughs. Amateur or bad actors are annoying and awkward when they attempt to be funny on film. However, doodle animation features a visual style that’s laid-back, which helps it communicate comedy flawlessly.

You don’t want to hire amateur actors.

And speaking of amateur actors, if you don’t want to hire any, then whiteboard animation is your best bet because you won’t have to! Not only will this save you from the embarrassment of lousy acting, but it can also be a great cost saver of time and money.

The subject at hand is very dull.

Much like overly technical topics, those that are very boring, such as legal terms, for instance, can benefit from doodle videos. As you know, people tend to pay more attention to something being explained visually, which means that they also learn more. Using the combination of a narrator and animation will really help your audience understand and remember what you presented.

You will use the content for social media marketing.

Do you plan to use YouTube or other social media network ads for marketing? If so, doodle videos lend themselves well to this format. People like animation, so it increases your chances of getting clicks, views, and sales.

And here’s a fun fact for you – Did you know that YouTube alone gets 300 billion searches each month? If you want your share of this traffic, try using a doodle video and watch what happens!

How Do You Make A Good Doodle Video?

A compelling doodle video will make your message easier to understand and retain. With this being said, they appeal to companies because of their educational value, but there are some things you need to know before you start doodling on a whiteboard.

Here are 7 tips for making a good doodle video:

Always begin with a script.

The first step to creating animation is writing a script. The script will require a solid structure (beginning, middle, and end) and for the information to be distributed strategically. It will serve as the backbone for the video and make all subsequent steps of the animation process more manageable.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, you can use the words ‘what, how, and why’ to assign the basic parts to the narrator.

  • What: Inform your audience of the specific problem you’re trying to solve.
  • How: Explain how the problem is solved.
  • Why: Discuss why your idea is the best option available.

Also, keep in mind that when writing a doodle video script, it should be educational. So, don’t focus so much on selling, as you do teaching and explaining. The unique thing about doodle animations is that you can take complex ideas and break them into smaller pieces that are easier to digest.

Create a storyboard

Now that you have a good script, you’ll move on to creating a storyboard. A simple way to think about a storyboard is to consider it a draft for illustrations. It should depict every scene of your video to make the process easier for voice-over artists, illustrators, animators, or anyone else working on the project.

Remember these three hallmarks.

Doodle videos are like magic because they require only three elements to create: the whiteboard, doodle drawings, and the hand.

The ‘white’ on the whiteboard.

A white background is essential, so don’t try replacing it with different backgrounds. Consider other video formats such as cartoon animated explainer videos if you are set on using any other background.

The drawing should be interconnected.

This will reinforce the idea that an artist is doodling on a whiteboard while also helping the audience follow the visual narrative. When done right, it should make your story cohesive and continuous.

The hand is required.

No whiteboard animation or doodle video is complete without the hand that’s drawing. It combines everything, and if there isn’t one present, your video is considered traditional animation and not doodle animation.

There are lots of other elements that you can add as well. For example, you can create your own drawing style and strategically add some color to it. Regardless of how you go about it, just be sure the three elements we just discussed are present.

Don’t forget to include brand awareness.

Your doodle animation doesn’t need to be black and white strictly. While you should stick to specific aesthetic rules, you can still have some fun too. And this is especially true if the fun elements are planned to boost brand awareness. So, feel free to add some brand color and use any other element to make your brand stand out, such as the logo or sounds.

Create a connection between your brand and target audience.

Using the audience in the narrative is an excellent trick that helps these types of videos perform extraordinarily well. It also acts as an extra detail to your video’s customization. One effective way to do this is by creating characters that are inspired by the buyer’s personas or appearance. When viewers see themselves in a video, it helps the message resonate better and gives the video more impact.

Keep it short and to the point.

Attention spans are shorter now than they’ve ever been, and this is especially true for those multitasking online. For instance, how many tabs do you have open right now? Chances are you have several, and if we’re honest, there’s no way you’re paying attention to all of them at once. This is why it’s vital to capture your viewer’s attention from start to finish.

So, when you create a doodle video that’s short, and to the point, you’re more likely to keep everyone’s attention until the end. Most experts agree that you should aim to keep the video between 60 and 90 seconds long as this is plenty of time to communicate a good message and keep their attention. Just keep in mind that most viewers will only watch the first 10 or 15 seconds of your doodle video before they decide they are interested or not.

When creating an effective doodle animation, save suspense for Hollywood, and communicate your most important message from the start.

Don’t skimp on quality.

It doesn’t matter what type of marketing videos you’re using; they are always one of the best options for getting your message to the world. So this means they represent your brand on the public stage, so always aim for nothing less than the best quality you can afford.

This may sound a bit harsh, but customers may remember your poor-quality content and then think that your services or products are probably low quality as well. Alternatively, brands that have high content standards are more widely viewed as trustworthy and reliable.

Since marketing is basically behavioral science, you’ll need to ensure that you create high-quality doodle videos to represent your company. If you don’t have the skills, keep reading for some recommendations on learning or finding a freelancer.

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far.

Let’s review the most important things to know about doodle videos:

  • Doodle animations can help communicate all types of concepts, even the most complex.
  • These videos use storytelling and unconventional graphics to create a visually appealing experience.
  • Doodle videos can be used to represent your audience through the characters, thus creating a video with a solid story and personal feel.

Our Top 5 Doodle Video Examples

There are examples of doodle videos all over the internet; all you have to do is look. To save you some trouble, here are our top 5 doodle video examples:

#1 Red Bull’s Doodle Cartoons

There is a whole collection of red bull cartoons that are actually doodle videos. The company came up with its own style of doodle people who are placed in lots of different situations where you may need a Red Bull. They did a great job because the drawing style is very unique and even has its own distinctive color pattern. The cartoons work because they are consistent and on-brand for the energy drink company.

Table ©️RedBull

#2 Doc Mike Evans

Dr. Mike is a YouTube personality who uses whiteboard animation videos to present himself talking about health issues. He covers topics such as healthy eating, suicide, concussions, and other medical-related concerns. Most of the videos start with him drawing a picture of his face before proceeding into other relevant doodles being drawn while discussing the topic. He uses the basic colors of white and black but adds small amounts of different hues such as red.

What’s the Best Diet? Healthy Eating 101 ©️DocMikeEvans

#3 How having a kid changes your life

Many parents already know this, but if you don’t, check out this explainer video from Wienot Films. The short one-minute doodle animation discusses if it’s worth it to have kids or not. The style depicts a small whiteboard where the person doodles images and then uses an eraser to draw something else.

How Having a Kid Changes Your Life (Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video)©️Wienot Films

#4 How to give an awesome (Powerpoint) presentation

This explainer video, also from Wienot Films, uses whiteboard animation and doodles to explain how to give an incredible presentation. The video uses words and random doodles to get their point across, but you’ll find that they did a great job with it even though they left the drawing hand out.

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation ©️Wienot Films

#5 Gem Home Buyers

Gem Home Buyers uses this doodle video to explain their services to potential clients. The video uses whiteboard animation and other content and images to depict what the narrator is saying.

We Buy Houses Fast and Fair Palm Beach County FL ©️Gem Home Buyers

Top 5 Video Doodle Makers

Let’s take a look at our top 5 video doodle makers:

#1 Doodly

Doodly was one of the original whiteboard video maker tools on the market. Their software is simple to use, and anyone, regardless of skill, can create a professional doodle video in minutes.

#2 Renderforest

Are you in need of an all-in-one branding suite? Check out Renderforest; they can help with all your needs, from doodle animations to logos and other graphics.

#3 VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a dedicated doodle animation maker that can help take your video from an idea to an entire storyboard. The software is easy to use, and you’ll have a whiteboard animation video created within minutes.

#4  Explee

The Explee application is a powerful doodle video maker that will help you create videos that people will remember.

#5 Benime

Are you looking for a doodle video maker free app? Then look no further than Benime Whiteboard Animation. You can use this app right from your phone or tablet to create beautiful doodle videos in minutes.

Hire A (Freelance) Professional To Do It For You

We understand that it doesn’t matter how easy software claims to be; some people just don’t have the time or patience to use a doodle animation maker. Not to worry! You can always hire a freelance professional to do it for you. Here are our top choices for outsourcing the services:

Essence Studios

Essence Studios is an explainer video production company that serves clients all over the world. They offer design services for graphics, 2d animation, illustrations, whiteboard animation, and app explainer videos.


Brafton is a full-service content marketing agency. They can help you with everything from creating content and infographics to doodle videos.

Next Day Animations

If you need an explainer video fast, check out Next Day Animations. They’ve worked with some of the nation’s largest companies such as Holiday Inn, AARP, and The World Bank.

Idea Rocket

Idea Rocket is a startup video company whose quality of service is unmatched. They can help take your doodle video from an idea to the finished product and have worked with many renowned companies such as Ford, Tiffany & Co., Marriott, and Bank of America, just to name a few.


Another excellent option is WowMakers. They can use their storytelling expertise to explain your service, idea, or product to the world. This company has provided whiteboard animation services to LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, and Citibank.


Fiverr’s website is also home to many talented freelancers who offer many types of services. And it’s another place where you can find professionals to create whiteboard animation videos. If you are a fan of this platform, check out sellers such as Siluete Pro and Jumpstart Video.

How Much Does A Doodle Video Cost?

The cost of a doodle video can vary considerably. Recently, marketer Matt Byrom tried to answer this question by collecting estimates from numerous companies. He found that depending on your doodle animation style, time, and complexity, the price can range anywhere from $700 up to $72,000, with the average cost being around $7,972. So, it’s safe to say that these services can range from as little as $500 and go up to over $50,000.

In Conclusion

As you can see, doodle videos and whiteboard explainer videos are valuable assets to use as part of your marketing strategy. If you haven’t included this into your plan yet, it’s time to stop procrastinating and figure out how to make your first video. Regardless if you create the doodle video yourself using doodle maker software or outsource to a freelance professional, you’ll be glad you did when you start reviewing conversion and sales rates.

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