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Drunk Driving: What is DUI and the Consequences of Getting One?

Impaired driving remains a serious issue that affects Americans every day. According to NHTSA, 30 people die in drunk-driving accidents every day in the US. This corresponds to one human life every 50 minutes. As a responsible driver, you want to stay on the safe side and may have some questions on this issue.

What is the legal terminology that describes drunk driving?
The terms are included in the infographic below.

What is the limit for DUI?
Driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 and higher is illegal.

What are specific penalties for drunk driving convictions?
They vary from state to state. Generally, first-time offenders receive a fine.

Can you be imprisoned for DUI?
Repeat offenders can face jail time.

What are the consequences of DUI?
Aside from the mentioned ones, the risks include suspension of driving license, job loss, community service, getting injured or amputated, and killing someone.

Is drunk driving a sign of alcoholism?
It can be the symptom of substance use disorder (SUD). If an individual keeps drinking despite a DUI conviction or jail time, it’s a clear indication of SUD.

AddictionResource authors recommend seeking help if you or someone you care about shows the signs of this problem.

Drunk Driving: What is DUI and the Consequences of Getting One?

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