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eBay’s Commitment to Sustainable Commerce

For too long, keeping the planet liveable has been characterized as working against the natural impulses of business. Yet for a business that wants resources to sell and consumers to market to decades into the future, what benefit is it to them if climate change renders the globe uninhabitable? Online reseller eBay recognizes the need to encourage green solutions that support their business model. Across their offices, eBay invests in clean energy, diverts waste from landfills, and uses water efficiently.

eBay’s commitment to climate consciousness is no surprise given their business model. The type of sale most associated with eBay’s platform is a resale of used goods. By keeping products in circulation longer, the company contributes to a robust circular economy essential for the sustainability of the planet. For every item resold on eBay, there is one less item occupying space in a landfill. In 2020 alone, sales of pre-owned electronics and apparel on eBay conserved 720,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. By 2025, eBay projects they will help prevent an additional 3 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

To build a sustainable business model, eBay can’t only limit themselves to what comes naturally to their firm. They need to go above and beyond to keep their operations green. In 2020, 74% of eBay offices and data centers were powered by renewable energy. Their goal is to make this number 100% by 2025. Not only does eBay invest in clean energy themselves, but they also use their platform to encourage other companies to do the same. In a recent press release, eBay teamed up with McDonalds for a deal to purchase power from the upcoming solar project in Louisiana.

Going green doesn’t have to mean giving up profits. Businesses benefit from their investments in a stable future for Earth.

eBay’s Commitment to Sustainable Commerce Infographic

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