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eCommerce Growth in Pakistan

Pakistan has seen massive growth in its eCommerce sector in the past few years. Internet users in the country are increasing by 22% every year and 75% of mobile users are connected to high-speed internet. The rise of the working population and fast-paced lifestyles has led people to adopt online shopping.

With the inception of several Amazon-structured online marketplaces in the country such as,, and, Pakistani people are now going online to shop more than ever.

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New e-commerce business models are also emerging such as, a search engine and a price comparison site that is aggregating product inventories from marketplace sites.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have played a huge role in the growth of Pakistan’s online marketplace. Studies suggest that 65% of online shoppers in Pakistan are from Facebook. The size of the Pakistani eCommerce market is expected to grow to $1bn by 2020.


eCommerce Growth in Pakistan

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