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Infographic: Holiday Spending – Christmas Economy

Every year the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most busiest times for everyone, from the shoppers to the retail stores, nationwide. It normally starts with the biggest shopping day, the day after Thanksgiving called Black Friday and ends late night on Christmas Eve. Even with our economy not being the greatest right now, holiday spending during the Christmas economy season, is expected to rise for both the average shoppers and the retail sales this year. There are several great facts out there about the Christmas economy, such as facts on fake Christmas trees versus a real Christmas tree, the average amount a person spends on the decorations, fuel and energy costs, and much more.

The Online Trading Academy has created an infographic about the Christmas Economy with facts on holiday spending. Take a look below has some fascinating facts on top gift ideas, traditional behaviors when it comes to spending, and the top holiday stock picks from the pros.

Infographic: Holiday Spending - Christmas Economy

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