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Why Stress Can Hurt Your Test Scores

The Exam Cram: Why Stress Can Hurt Your Test Scores. You have 5 classes. The semester’s worth of knowledge is fair game. Armed with a case of Red Bull, you take to the library where you will undoubtedly be camped out for the next week, emerging only to shower and sleep for a few hours. If you’re lucky. It’s exam time, and most students go through the same panicked routine semester after semester. While you may think caffeine IVs and all-nighters are the only way to tackle exam week, studies show that this kind of study pattern may harm your GPA more than it helps–YIKES! Brougth to you by coursehero.com in collaboration with Column Fivemedia.

Brougth to you by coursehero.com

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  1. John Soriano, MS

    I would add the use of effective stress reduction techniques, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

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