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The Dangerous Effects of Crack Cocaine

If you or a loved one needs help for addiction, educate yourself about the dangerous effects of crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is an extremely addictive substance that has become more widespread in the United States because it is more easily made and transported than cocaine in its powder form.

Are crack and cocaine the same?

Sort of. Crack is cocaine in a rock form. Cocaine is processed through baking soda and water to create the brittle compound, most ofter smoked.

Effects of Crack Cocaine on the body

  1. Pupil dilation The pupils of a cocaine user dilate 6 to 8 mm; normal pupil sizes range from 3 to 4 mm.
  2. Eyes The whites of the eyes become bloodshot.
  3. Mouth Bad breath and dry, chapped lips and nose.
  4. High Euphoria, excessive alertness, though intoxication can last as little as five minutes.
  5. Low Agitation, irritation, discomfort.

Over 25 million Americans have used cocaine at least once in their lives, and because of the culture surrounding drug use, many of these people are at risk of being a part of dangerous situations, including violence and risky sexual activity.


The Dangerous Effects of Crack Cocaine

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