Efficient Component Sourcing for Engineers 

The complex parts of the ordinary items we use are often overlooked in the rush of modern life. Still, our automobiles, dryers, coffee makers, and other appliances run smoothly because of this complex web of pieces.

Think about a coffee maker that has forty-five different parts, from the heating element to the foamer head. Cars are the ultimate in complexity, with an astounding 30,000 pieces, while dryers only have 125 parts. The numerous hours that industrial designers and engineers devote to creating each of these products are what make them so difficult to produce.

But efficiently getting these components is just as much of a difficulty as creating them. The difficult process of choosing the appropriate components from a plethora of alternatives falls to engineers. They have historically had a variety of options, such as redrawing components or obtaining data straight from manufacturers.

However, these approaches have certain disadvantages as well, frequently resulting in laborious searches and delays in the design phase. According to surveys, a considerable number of design engineers actually spend more than an hour a day looking for component information.

Now introduce 3DFIndit, a revolutionary component search  engine for the component sourcing industry. With its robust search engine and wide lists of manufacturer-certified products, 3DFIndit simplifies the search process by providing a complete database of standardized parts.

Imagine being able to quickly access a multitude of possibilities from over 6,000 manufacturers while searching for a certain component, such as a “Pipe adapter.” 3DFIndit improves the precision and accuracy of component selection while saving time thanks to its wide range of supported formats and on-demand product configuration.

By using 3DFIndit, engineers can potentially unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency in the design process, saving up to 625 hours and $70,000 per engineer yearly. 3DFIndit is a ray of hope in a world where every second matters, transforming the way engineers negotiate the complex world of component sourcing.

Deconstructing the Things We Use Every Day: How Engineers Find, Source, and Design Components
Source: 3Dfindit.com

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