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Infographic: Goodbye Couch Potato, Hello Second Screen Surfer

Let’s face it, we love being entertained in the comfort of our own homes whether it’s watching funny cat videos online,streaming the NFL live, watching the MLB playoffs, or viewing our favorite television shows. Although we have had more control over when we watch TV with the introduction of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and plenty of shows now available to view online, social media and mobile technology are changing the way we watch shows. Interaction with our favorite shows or with what we see on television is making the passive couch potato a thing of the past.

In August, Real officially launched the RealPlayer Android app. As part of the development process for the free video app research revealed interesting times and ways that people were using their cell phone. In addition to more people viewing TV shows or news on their mobile device, cell phones and tablets are becoming an integral part of the TV watching experiencevideo trends.

Brought to you by real.com.

 Infographic: Goodbye Couch Potato, Hello Second Screen Surfer

Brought to you by real.com

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  1. I have to admit that I have no patience for commercials. I surf the web on my laptop during them!!

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